A new chapter of our life has unfolded. Our new house is finally ready! We collected our keys on the 26th March and now we are rectifying the defects in the house and sourcing for IDs (interior designers) and getting many quotations to find a cheap and good deal.

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Our very traditional parents came with us to help us with the prayers for the new place. Thank you!

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We hired a professional to do defects check for us on the same day. Wee Kuang is a very nice and friendly guy and he is sooooooo meticulous! Thank god we got him to help. I can’t see all the defects he spotted. If anyone of you needs help you can contact them.

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I happily thought that the defects check will take about half an hour to an hour at most. Nope. we started at around 3pm and ended when the sky turned dark at 7 or 8 plus . I think. I was very hungry halfway through and my hero went out to buy some food and drinks for us! Lucky I asked my parents to go home first.

Space is pretty tight in the new house as with all the new developments in Singapore. 🙁 So we were thinking of hacking the walls of one of the bedrooms to make it into a walk-in wardrobe. Haiz, so the 3 bedrooms will become 2 bedrooms! No choice la! Gotta to maximise space usage and build lots of storage space too!

Meanwhile, looking forward to seeing the designs of the new place! 🙂