Client's Reviews

Just finished defect checks with Chris. He is friendly and detailed with his work. And go through the defects with you prior to completing his checks. Greatly recommended.

Linus Lim

5 April 2018

Communications – Easy, Hassle-free and Prompt. Just whatsapp Wee Kwang and he will respond to you quickly to coordinate on the date/time and the services that will be provided. Friendly and reliable. Pleasant experience overall. Quality – Ben helped with the first inspection. Detailed and professional, he was able to identify defects that probably an untrained person may miss out on. Reliable and honest, you feel that the defect inspection was well taken care of. Value for money – for the services you get, you feel that it is all well spent. At least at the end of it, you know that your home is free of major defects, if none is detected. And you don’t have to worry about missing out anything. If major defects are found, at least you have somebody who is on your side to help you, on the follow-up and communications with the defects rectification team.

Above all else, it saves you lots of time, lessens your worries and probably also takes away all the frustrations that you may probably experience, from lodging defects, communications with the defect rectification team etc.. Hassle-free, worry-free. So why not? Two thumbs up for Absolute Inspection. For Wee Kwang and Ben.
Zeng Shi'en

4 April 2018

My wife and I engaged Wee Kwang and his team for defects checking in my new house after reading positive reviews. It turns out to be the best decision. Ben turned up at my new house to help me with the 1st round of checking. It was a thorough and detailed inspection which took about 3hours. He also helped to lodge the defects report on my behalf using an app with ease. It would have taken me 1 to 2 full days if I were to lodge it. Ben was also helpful in explaining all the defects found. A very great and professional aid from Ben in the checking process.

I am still in the midst of arranging the followup sessions for joint inspection. Thank you Ben and Wee Kwang for the professional service.
Peter Ho

1 April 2018

WAYNE was very detailed in his checking and he was very patient with our queries. Very pleased with the service and I will definitely recommend absolute inspection.. thank you

Lim Hui Ling

29 March 2018

Had my inspection and joint session done in the first meeting, Wayne was meticulous and professional. He was able to complete the inspection within 2 hours. He went through the defects with explanations on what to expect and we were able to have a joint session with BSC in the same afternoon. Good job, I will have a peace of mind going forward.

Daffy Lim

27 March 2018

Kenneth was assigned to me for my defect check. He did a thorough check and picked up many defects that escaped my eyes. Good job!

Ben Li

27 March 2018

Thank you Chris for your detailed checks and great professionalism in the inspection. good job and well done. Appreciate the friendly service and entertaining my 7 year old with an “internship”!

Francis Chew Kee Boon

23 december 2017

Just received the keys for my house and have engaged Absolute Inspection to assist with the defect checks. Ben arrived on time and was tirelessly identifying the defects. The first appointment was wrapped up with the explanation of the key defects. Thumbs up to Ben!

Baoyun Ong

23 december 2017

I engaged Wee Kwang and his team to inspect my unit. Throughout the process, Wee Kwang was very transparent with all the details and the price was very reasonable as well. Chris was assigned to inspect my unit. He was very friendly yet professional at the same time. The first inspection took 3 hours and before leaving, Chris gave me a detailed explanation of all the defects noted. Will definitely engage them again in the future!

Jing Zhong Ng

22 december 2017

Was looking for defects inspection company when my husband and I came across Absolute Inspection. We sent in our enquiry and got a reply the next day. Wee Kwang was prompt in replying to our emails. Had our first round of inspection today w Kenneth. He was efficient and meticulous. He pointed out and explained to us the defects that he marked out patiently after the inspection. Overall we had a pleasant experience w Absolute Inspection.

Sally Neo

17 december 2017

Both Kenneth and Wee Kwang are approachable and friendly, feel free to ask them any questions regarding defects. Kenneth came for the 1st inspection and is quite detailed, he took about 3hours. Had to trouble him to come back on the same day as BSC was available to do the joint inspection. He had no complains and was very helpful. Wee Kwang is the man I liaised with and he is very prompt and flexible. He conducted his independent inspection and was there for the defects closing joint inspection. They have good rapport with the contractors and I’m glad I got their help.

Zai Wei

15 december 2017

I just had my 1st inspection done professionally by Chris. It spans over 4 hours for a 3 bedder till early evening from early afternoon, with 115 defects detected. I am pleased with the thoroughness of the inspection and look forward to subsequent inspections, so as to check whether the developer has complete the rectifications in a timely manner. Thanks to Chris and support from Wee Kwang & Absolute Inspection. Keep up the good work!!

Paul Lim

14 december 2017

I had engaged Wee Kwang recently and his team member, Kenneth came for the first inspection. It is a great help from Kenneth’s meticulous and friendly attitude which idenitied various defects that I could not find my own. Thank you, Wee Kwang and Kenneth. Waiting to work with you again at the upcoming second inspection. 

Shinji Kami

14 december 2017

Thank you absolute inspection for making my life so much easier. Firstly i would like to compliment wee kwang for responding promptly and being able to make arrangements to meet my tight schedule. Very efficient and accomodating. Next is kenneth, the defect specialist, he combed through the defects in my new house (every inch of it). Very young and dedicated to the job. Managed to identify so many defects that cant be seen using the naked eyes.

I would definitely recommend to anyone who just got their house. Totally money well spent. Cheers.
Eugene Koh

9 december 2017

I just had my first inspection done with kenneth. This is my first property and I was unsure what to look out for. Kenneth was meticulous and patient and was able to pick out the defects however minute and tiny they may be. Great job by Absolute Inspection. I look forward to their continued dedication and support for my future appointments with the team ! 

Phau Hui Hoon

8 december 2017

I had my first inspection done by Ben and James today. Being a first time home owner, i was totally clueless what to check for as defects. They were very efficient and meticulous in their checks. Wee Keong also made the extra effort to come by and take a final look. Kudos to the team!!

Hui Chin Sion

6 december 2017

Ben was assigned to my unit and he was very detailed in looking at the defects both workmanship and cosmetic. Appreciate his detailed walk through at the end 

Brandon Lee

16 december 2017

Ben was assigned to check on my apartment for the first inspection. He was detailed in checking every nook and cranny of the place. Able to answer most of my queries. Overall I’m happy with his inspection services.

Benjamin KF Tong

13 december 2017

Excellent service from Wee Kwang and his team. Post service support was really excellent and prompt too. Highly recommend Absolute inspection for all new homeowners!

Rufers Tan

2 december 2017

Chris is very professional and patience to all the defects with us. Thank you!

Mey Tze

26 november 2017

Ben was friendly and punctual. Great job done!

Serene Ho

16 december 2017

Ben did a very detailed job.

Zhijian Guo

10 december 2017

The inspector, Wayne is really friendly and is really particular on making sure that every part and corner of the house has been checked and is up to it’s standards. He was also on time and on task at all times. Definitely recommend this company to everyone!!!

Shrish Kaushik

1 december 2017

The inspector Ben came.. Was good and friendly.. Did a pretty good job and found defects which i probably would never have found.. Well Done!

Ken Ong

6 november 2017

Thank you Jeff for your service ! Really appreciate your efforts ! Which can be proved with the results ! It’s amazing and I strongly recommend my fellow friends to hit them up!

Jason Ong

14 december 2017

Thanks Wayne and Wee Kwang. Pretty detailed Inspection (from cosmetic to door/wall/windows defects) and easy to communicate with. They will assist to note down the defects and meet the BSC officer with us (home owners) to go through the defect in details. Overall: Satisfactory.

Jeremy Chen

29 november 2017

Had my place inspected by Chris. Prompt and fast. Absolute Inspection is very responsive and customer oriented. Wee Kwang went the extra mile to follow up on defects completion. Saves me a lot of headache. Highly recommended.

Edmund Chew

4 november 2017

My house was inspected by Chris and he was very patience and attentive to all defects. I also want to thanks Wee Kwang for his fast and prompt service. I look forward to our 2nd inspection with Wee Kwang and the managing agent Highly recommended Chris and Wee Kwang from Absolute Inspection.

Joyce Lim

21 november 2017

I just had my first property in my life inspected by Ben from Absolute. As an inexperienced owner, I felt it very necessary to get a professional team like Absolute to help run through the inspection process. Ben is the senior engineer who conducted the first round inspection of my unit. He came to my unit on time and was very meticulous during the inspection. The inspection stretched about 2 hours for my 2 bedder unit and Ben found a lot of defects that I would had otherwise neglected . He was very patient with all my questions and explained to me in detail what the defects were and how they could be rectified. I learnt a lot from this experience and I am expecting 2nd round and 3rd round inspection service from Absolute too. Thank you Ben!

Meng Me-ng

17 november 2017

Thru my friend recommendation i call wee kwang to help me with the defects inspection. Chris, who help me with defects inspection on site is very detailed oriented, i somehow saw some defects that i never see before when i do my own inspection. He also explains all the defects that i need to pay attention to. Overall satisfied with the first time inspection today. Can’t wait for join inspection soon.

Widya Liem

13 november 2017

We’ve just completed all 3 rounds of the defects check by Absolute Inspection and I’ve to say that we’re incredibly satisfied with their work. At first I didn’t see the need to engage a defects inspector, but the husband convinced me otherwise, and now I understand why. The team is very professional and really knows their stuff. A special shout out to Jeff for the patience to deal between the owners (us) and the Developer’s team. Keep up the good work, Absolute Inspection!

Nur Hanani Surani

9 november 2017

As there are many defect specialists out there in the market, we have decided to give Absolute Inspection a shot. We were glad to have made the right choice as Ben was efficient in singling out even those tiniest defects which went undetected by us. Wee Kwang assisted to follow up with the BSC and was concise with his explanation on the defects. The whole tedious process was simplified with their services and had definitely saved us a great deal of time. Money spent was totally worth it. Thanks WK & Ben!

Chun Yi

5 november 2017

Kenneth is very professional and very patient in explaining all the detected defects and did an excellent job in inspecting all the defects. Ensuring all the defect list filled up in detail for my submission to management office . I highly recommend Absolute Inspection services to home owners whom need peace of mind and engage their services. To also add on, that the main man Wee Kwang is also very professional and prompt in responding to me on all my queries.

Lissie Lim

4 november 2017

I never knew that home defects inspection companies exist until I was referred to Absolute Inspection recently by friends. Although we had not collected our keys to the new apartment then, I contacted Wee Kwang to find out more about Absolute Inspection’s services. It was a pleasant experience communicating with Wee Kwang who was very responsive and patient in his responses to me via whatsapp and email, despite his busy schedule. Without any hesitation, I scheduled the first house inspection appointment.

We had our first inspection yesterday and it was undertaken by Wayne and Kenneth. When I first met them, I thought they looked young and was skeptical about how they could help me. However, I was wrong 🙂 Wayne and Kenneth know their stuff very, very well. My unit is slightly more than 1300sf with four bedrooms, a huge balcony and a fully-equipped kitchen. Wayne and Kenneth got into action the moment they reached my place. They conducted their checks separately, each covering different areas within the unit. Both were very meticulous and focused on their work. They could identify many defects that I believe a layman like me would never be able to. Being experienced inspectors, they knew what to check – from the flooring to the walls, the cabinet fittings, the air-conditioners, plumbing and even the kitchen equipment provided to us – nothing could escape their eagle eyes 🙂. The entire inspection took four and a half hours, including the filing of defects using the app provided by the developer. Throughout the entire process, both Wayne and Kenneth were very focused and worked tirelessly. They also patiently explained the defects to my husband and me, and offered professional advice on the implications if the defects were not rectified. I feel that defects inspection requires an eye for details, tenacity and patience. Both Wayne and Kenneth carried their jobs so well that my husband and I were very impressed. Our experience is as good as the reviews on the company’s webpage and on social media. I would highly recommend Absolute Inspection to anyone who is looking for help on house inspection. In the meantime, I am looking forward to the joint inspection with Absolute Inspection and the managing agent next week. Thank you Wee Kwang, Wayne and Kenneth!
Christina Chiew

3 november 2017

I got Wee Kwang to inspect my home for 2 reasons. Firstly, being previously from BCA, he knew what to look out for. Secondly, he could provide an independent list of defects & articulate them accurately to the building management. The inspection was so thorough even hairline scratches on the balcony glass were highlighted. It’s money well spent as the building contractors took every of their defect observation seriously and rectified them without argument.

I would recommend any new home owner to consider this independent check by Absolute.
Elsie LC Cheng

1 november 2017

I just had my place inspection done by Wayne. The main in charge Wee Kwang has been very customer oriented and prompt. His team member, Wayne, was equally impressive. We stretched many hours, checking for defects, Wayne was on the task all the time none stop. He was so patient with ALL my quetions. Explaining to me how can the defect be rectified, assuring me that they will help us with the second and third inspection. I’m so tired now after standing and watching for more than 3 hours, but Wayne doesn’t look tired at all! At first I had second thought about engaging them as the Agent told me my property is quite good, not much defects. Now I’m glad i got the professional’s help. We had about 90 defects! Some are window glass bubble and chipped. I wouldn’t know so much if I were the one checking. Thank you Wee Kwang and Wayne!

Mandy Choo

26 october 2017

Highly recommend to all home owners who wants a piece of mind. After hearing raving good reviews from my Neighbours, we decided to engage Wee Kwang and the team. The first encounter with Chris who may be a young chap but he works with great ethics. He is meticulous, he left the house full of stickers. He can see defects that I will never pick up. We met Wee Kwang at the joint inspection with the developer Contractors and it was great as he could speak off our mind and liaise with the Contractors. He is very professional and comes with lots of knowledge and experience.

JiaQi Loh

16 october 2017

Wayne did a fantastic job in checking my new bto home. I was very suprise that we had so many defects! I was looking through it myself before he came and cannot find anything! He was very detailed…even to the tiny scratch at my living room hall window. I didn’t expect to see that! Very friendly and very professional. I need extra papers for my bsc since he found so many detailed and small defects that a normal person would not see it…..thank you so much for helping us! surely will recommend everyone!

هيكل فضلي

12 october 2017

Kenneth was very thorough and even found a small hair inside a full glass panel. Amazing.

Christine Yeo

28 october 2017

Chris have done a meticulous job in inspecting my house. He work together with us to inspect, source for defect and even go through all the defects with us. I would say he have done a very good job. I strongly recommend him and the company service to all future owners of house be it landed, HDB or condos. He is also friendly and easy to get along with.

Xiang Heng (Alan)

15 october 2017

Got to know of this company through a talk given by Wee Kwang and subsequently decided to engage their services for my new home. Kenneth came down and was very professional and meticulous in going through every nook and cranny to spot all defects. Wee Kwang was also very prompt and timely in answering all queries. I strongly recommend their services to anyone considering a potential new home.

Lim Xiang

9 october 2017

High Efficiency! Special Thanks to Chris! Job done within a day!

Can Awy

23 october 2017

Our 1st appointment with absolute, Wayne, senior inspector has come to my unit in Watertown for inspection. He did a fantastic job on spotting all major n minor defects. Really appreciate him for all his efforts. Without engaging their services, I think I will accept the unit as it is. Totally put our mind at ease after 4 hrs of super detailed checking. Thumbs up for his professional work!!

Freddy Lim

13 october 2017

We really appreciated the professional services by Wee Kwang and his team. These guys are truly competent. Engage them for your inspection! Thanks a lot Wee Kwang.

Seah Lam Soon

5 october 2017

Recommended by our neighbour. Responsive and open for enquiries. Chris has done a great job and very experienced! Will definitely recommend to our friends.

Nana Kay

21 october 2017

Just had my 1st inspection with Absolute Inspection. Chris was thorough in checking for defects, and filled my flat with blue stickers! 🙂

Bing Rui

11 october 2017

Inspected by Ben.Eagle eye.Defects i 100% cant see he catches it promptly.Peace of mind for me leaving my defect checks to the experts.

Shahir Majid

3 october 2017

We were recommended by a friend to Absolute Inspection as we are inexperienced new home-owners. They did a really thorough job to identify defects by and small. They also went through the defects with our BSC and we still have a follow up session scheduled post corrections by the BSC. Great service standards!

Jai Krishnan

2 october 2017

Was recommended by friends who engaged Wee Kwang and team previously and it was definitely a choice of no regrets. Kenneth, whom was in charge of our unit inspection made the entire process pain-free for owners like me who doesn’t have a clue of what was required of a ‘defect-free’ house. He was precise in his work, communication and did a good job explaining what would need to be fixed in the house and guided us to inaccessible areas which I do not think we would look out on our own. Thank you Wee Kwang, Kenneth and team in providing the entire service a breeze.
David Chua

1 october 2017

Dedicated team who thoroughly checked our new 4rm BTO for defects and even minor cosmetic faults. Never thought that defects could be so many and many of them are unseen to our eyes. First appointment with Kenneth took almost 3 hours to complete and detailed descriptions on the BSC forms. Explained with us where the defects are and why is it important. 2nd appointment with Wee Kwang and BSC, patient approach with BSC and highlighted the key points of the defects on the form. Even added in new findings that he believed BSC can solve. Shared with us how to handle the BSC defects rectifying progress.

I’m sure the last appointment with BDI will also be just as good to tie up the loose ends before BSC hands over to us. Totally worth the money!!
Ah CheW (Ryan)

30 september 2017

We were recommended by my sis and bro-in-law to engage Wee Kwang and team to help us conduct the defects check of our new home. Wee Kwang is very responsive to texts, straightforward, polite and was very patient in explaining to me the importance of professional inspection. Even after full payment at the end of the first inspection (there will be 2 more), he remains very detailed in his responses to my queries. This is what I will call excellent aftersale service, and we are very thankful for that. Due to work commitment, my dad was the one who was briefed by our inspector, Kim, at the end of first round. He told me the money spent is certainly worthwhile, for a major defect (hollow cement in the middle of my living hall) was detected, which would definitely have escaped our noob eyes. As for the rest of the defects detected, I don’t think we would be able to spot even 30% of it.

Thanks Wee Kwang and Kim. Keep up your good work!
Si Min Teo

28 september 2017

I would give them six stars if I could. During the entire process of purchasing a condo in Singapore, the Absolute Inspection team was the one team unequivocally on my side at every point. They were detailed, helpful, timely and professional. Worth every penny of their fee!

Daniel Angelucci

27 september 2017

We engaged Wee Kwang and team to perform the defects check for our BTO and his team has been extremely responsive, helpful and professional. Given that we were unfamiliar with what needed to be done for a defects check, Wee Kwang was very patient and communicated what needed to be done at every step along the way. He was also easy to reach when we had questions to clarify, and very accommodative when it came to scheduling. At the end of the first round of defects check, it is also obvious how thorough Kim (our inspector) was. We wouldn’t have spotted 80% of it if we had tried doing the checks ourselves. We still have 2 more rounds of checks and rectification works to go through, but having such a professional team on task means we can be at ease knowing that the specialists will take care of the entire defects check process for us.

Jean Ng

26 september 2017

Totally put our mind at ease when we engage Absolute to do defect inspection for our new home. All seems so perfect to the naked eyes, eventually did not escape the super sharp eyes of the Inspection teams. With a span of about 2 hours plus, I have seen coloured slips tagged to every supposedly seems nicely done spaces around the house. Make the decision to engage them is the first best start to doing up our house. Thumbs up for their professional work !!!

Carol Tan

26 september 2017

I went through three inspections already. I am happy with the services and will recommends it to my friends. The first defects inspection found a lot of defects that I couldn’t find. For the 2nd and 3rd joint inspections with the BSC officer, let the professional inspector negotiates with the BSC officer. The BSC officer is more willing to do the defects touch-up for us if he hears from a professional inspector. Last the more important thing is I also learn the correct way to do defects check, and I believe it’s helpful for me to do defects check myself after the reno works done. Cheers.

Pang Jon Fea

23 september 2017

Engaging Wee Kwang and team was definitely a choice of no regrets. The entire services rendered by Kenneth whom was in charge of our unit inspection gave an absolute peace of mind to us, first time home buyers. Kenneth was competent and thorough with his work. He made the entire process pain-free for owners like me who doesn’t have a clue of what was required of a ‘defect-free’ house. He was precise in his communication and did a good job explaining what would need to be fixed in the house and guided us to inaccessible areas which I do not think we would look out on our own. Kenneth may look young but he is definitely knowledgeable in what he is doing. Thank you Wee Kwang, Kenneth and team in providing the entire service a breeze.

Deidre Ong

14 september 2017

Thank you Wayne for the detailed check!

Yanny Chua

28 september 2017

Money well spent!!! Thumbs up for their service.. Wee Kuang and team are experienced… Going into very details of the check..

Jaz Koo

13 september 2017

Engaged Wee Kwang and his team for defect checking. Kenneth came and did a thorough check from high above right to the flooring and base of cabinets. What’s more?? Even the exterior was checked too. Very satisfying service provided.

Anson Toh

29 august 2017

Great service by Chris. Very detailed checks done!

Goh Jialong James

26 september 2017

Kenneth Loh is a friendly and efficient inspector.

Lim Teckboon

3 september 2017

Upon collecting keys we engaged Absolute Inspection to check for defects and were very pleased with their services. Wayne and Kenneth were very experienced and thorough in their work and also patient and helpful in explaining the various items to us. We would not have noticed many things on our own. Excellent service and we highly recommend engaging this company for peace of mind.

Jessica Yeoh

29 august 2017

Did a very thorough inspection. Without them checking, I will have miss a lot of defects

Steven Sum Wai Leong

23 september 2017

We were pleased with how meticulous and skilled our inspectors, Wayne and Kenneth, were. Thank you!

Shufen Ong

29 august 2017

Knowledgeable, eagle-eyed, helpful. no regrets getting their services. many things that may not look defective to our eyes are actually defects that may cause distress to the occupier in the future. when buyers paid hundreds of thousands for a flat, why let the builders/developers off with sloppy works?

Ang Zhen Wei

29 august 2017

When we first collected our key, me and my Wife thought defect checking shouldn’t be too hard and we tried to do it ourself. We only managed to identify some obvious defects which kinda got brushed away by the supervisors. As we feel that the home is where we are going to spend a lot of time in, we finally decided that we should leave it to professionals to deal with the BSC as they are more experienced. Wee Kwang was introduced to me by my fellow BTO Neighbour and he have been very accommodating to fit the earliest available slot for us amidst their busy schedule. Ben from their team came and started work immediately with 100s of stickers paste throughout our place, many of them are at places that did not even cross my mind during my initial check.

Overall it is money well spent, and definitely recommended. The defects they find today, can potentially help to save hundreds or thousands in the future.
Alex Ng

28 august 2017

Engaged Absolute Inspection for my condo takeover inspection and they did an awesome job. Very professional, detailed and knows which areas to check to the smallest details. Money well spent for the amount of efforts and time they utilized, superb job done!

Sishi Tan

26 august 2017

To have a peace of mind, we have decided to engage Wee Kwang and his team to help us with our BTO defects unit check. Wee Kwang is always prompt to respond. His team also did a fantastic job in spotting all the major and minor defects, even down to cosmetic defects. Thereafter, they promptly filled in the defect lists for us for submission to the BSC people. I was glad that Wee Kwang came personally for the 3rd inspection. He started to do thorough checks as to whether the defects have been rectified by the BSC. There and then, he started to spot more defects and filled in a new set of defect lists.

Wee Kwang is thorough in his checks, even down to the bare cement flooring, missing parts, etc. He is patient, professional, and did his best to talk to the BSC people regarding the defects. I’m glad that they provided after services, as I was worried that this was the last time I have an expert to help rectify my home’s defects. Wee Kwang assured me that we could still consult and message him and he will help. Thanks Wee Kwang and team for giving us a peace of mind, hope to be able to start our reno soon!
Julia Alena Soh

23 august 2017

Thank you Absolute Inspection for the great service rendered to my unit. I was attended to by James, and was extremely satisfied with the service efforts and his eye for details in picking out important defects which would not have been possible for a layman like myself. Will recommend this service to any new home owners seeking a peace of mind.

Loh Mun Keong

21 august 2017

A huge thanks to Wee Kwang, James and Chong Meng for an amazing job done on the first inspection. It was very thorough and meticulous. I would strongly recommend them to anyone looking to conduct inspections on their new units. I look forward to putting down another 5 star review after rounds 2 and 3.

Pravin Prakash

21 august 2017

Thanks to Wee Kwang for accommodating my request to do the inspection on a Sunday afternoon. Wee Kwang is always responsive to my messages and calls and prompt follow up on all the deliverables. I really like the level of details the inspectors put in their check for my unit. They are friendly and very willing to answer your questions and advise accordingly with their professional knowledge. All together the inspectors have captured more than 100 defects (thank god nothing major) and have carefully list down every defect on the defects form for our submission.

All in all, a good experience so far and I am looking forward to the joint inspection where Wee Kwang team will be around to assist
Marcus Chua

13 august 2017

Upon collecting keys we engaged Absolute Inspection to check for defects and were very pleased with their services. Wayne and Kenneth were very experienced and thorough in their work and also patient and helpful in explaining the various items to us. We would not have noticed many things on our own. Excellent service and we highly recommend engaging this company for peace of mind.

Jessica Yeoh

29 august 2017

I started talking to a few defect-checking companies a few months before collecting my keys. And finally decided to engage Absolute Inspection because Wee Kwang (the boss) was very helpful, gave professional advice and always responsive (unless he’s amid giving a talk or doing inspections with other owners). Wee Kwang and his team of inspectors are very experienced, efficient and very very thorough and detailed in identifying every single defect. They will pick up major defects that could potentially lead to other problems in the future (e.g. hollow tiles, uneven surface and etc.) down to cosmetic issues such as chips, scratches and stains!

And the way Absolute Inspection compile and document the defect lists make it easy for the Developer’s defect-rectification team to carry out their rectification works and for the owners to follow up. And most important of all, it allows every defect in the house, whether identified or not, to be covered in the defect list. During the joint inspection with the Developer’s defect-rectification team, Wee Kwang was present to run through the defect lists and talk to the contractor on what to be rectified. This whole process was done in a cordial and professional manner so that the contractor would not try to push it off as difficult or impossible or not a defect. On hindsight, engaging Wee Kwang and Absolute Inspection was the right choice! The entire defect-checking and rectification process was smooth and I could then focus on planning for my renovation. Absolute Inspection’s services didn’t end after the final inspection. Wee Kwang continues to be very helpful and responsive to any questions that I have asked him.
Phan Seow Kang

2 august 2017

We just had our inspection one of three inspections. Kenneth from Absolute Inspection is very professional and meticulous. He put his eyes onto every part of the apartment to check for defects. Also, very prompt in responding. Money well-spent.

Elaine Ho

20 july 2017

I would like to thank Wayne for his excellent job. He is meticulous and professional. There were so many defects I don’t think I would ever discover if not for his professional help. Thank you!

Sarah Ng

18 july 2017

Thank you Wayne from Absolute Inspection for helping us with the defects check. He is very efficient and detailed with the check. Much appreciated

Dayna Lim

13 july 2017

knowledgeable, eagle-eyed, helpful. no regrets getting their services. many things that may not look defective to our eyes are actually defects that may cause distress to the occupier in the future. when buyers paid hundreds of thousands for a flat, why let the builders/developers off with sloppy works?

Ang Zhen Wei

29 august 2017

Just finished first inspection done by James. Great job! He picked out things I wouldn’t even know to look out for.

Vanita Kaneson

30 JUNE 2017

Very blessed to have read about Absolute inspection through the web. We are deeply impressed by Wee Kuang and Kim for their speed, eye for details and professionalism, they were able to detect things which can be blind to most new owners and to add on they were well equipped with tools during the inspection processes. We were advised by most friends that it was needless for an inspection unless a furnished condo but this was the best dollar spent! One will be amazed how many defects can be found in a BTO. Kudos to the team!

Heng-Ee Sharon Jael

6 august 2017

Thanks Wee Kwang for slotting a slot for inspection in such short notice. Today Wayne came and check for the defects in my house and upon reaching my place, he started work immediately. Found several defects which my ID told me was minor and no repairs are required, but Wayne assured me all defects will be reported and they will check after BCA rectified it. After 2.5hrs of thorough inspection by Waybe, he did a walkthrough and told me on the defects he spotted. Very well explained and worked professionally. Had arranged another round of joint inspection with BCA and requested Wee Kwang for a slot this Sat and once again he tried to make time for me again. Really appreciate their help in checking, the money is really well spent and totally worth it.

Derrick Eng

20 july 2017

We were pleased with how meticulous and skilled our inspectors, Wayne and Kenneth, were. Thank you!

Shufen Ong

29 august 2017

Thanks Wee Kwang and Wayne! Very thorough job. No regrets in engaging them.

Joel Ng

16 august 2017

Wee Kwang and team are absolute professionals! Ben did a thorough job of the initial inspection. He found many things I didn’t catch (chipped or uneven tiles) or wouldn’t even know to look for. Wee Kwang was a pleasure to work with. Very patient and very understanding of our concerns. He also took the time to explain many things to us, so even laymen can understand what’s going on. The main worry isn’t finding defects, it’s getting the contractor to rectify them. When the contractor gave a friendly greeting to Wee Kwang when they met, I knew I could get everything properly rectified. Even the smallest thing was able to be rectified. Wee Kwang also assured us of after service care. Don’t hesitate. Book now for an appointment! It’s the best money you’ll ever spend for absolute peace of mind.

Andrew Wong

18 july 2017

I would like to express my sincere thanks to Absolute Inspection. Wayne, the person sent to check my home was fast, efficient, meticulous and very clear in his explanations. He was able to answer all my enquiries. Not only that, he helped us to fill in our defect list clearly and neatly saving us time. Money worth and well spent. Looking forward to the next appts. Thank u again guys.

Lingam Ragu

15 july 2017

Would like to send my appreciation to Wayne for his detailed inspection. There are areas that are not easily detected and he is very hardworking and did a very thorough check. He is friendly and open to answer many questions. The service is worth it for a peace of mind to owners.

Stingray Chu

11 July 2017

Had my inspection done by Mr. Ben today. All went well, Ben took his time to go trough the whole house which shows that everything was scrutinized and nothing was left out. The inspection today was the 1st main one, and will submit the report to builder this week. Thank you again to the Absolute inspection team

Patrick Seifert

13 august 2017

We are very impressed with Absolute Inspection service! They are a team of professional who know their work well. Besides providing their expertise in doing the defects inspection, Wee Kwang went to the extra miles to coordinate with the defect team to expedite the process! Really appreciate the good services and prompt response despite their busy schedule. Steve & Belle

Belle Loo

12 august 2017

Great work by Ben who can spot even an ant! Wee Kuang has also been very reliable and prompt. Thumbs up to Absolute Inspection!

Tang Jing Jie

28 july 2017

Engaged Absolute Inspection after reading good reviews. So far did not disappoint. Kenneth and James who did the first inspection were very thorough and detailed. Spotted lots of cosmetic defects and some major ones in the bathrooms. Won’t have noticed myself. Money well spent on preventing future headaches and hassle.

Joshua Chiew

18 july 2017

Thank you Wee Kwang, Jeff and Kim for putting your heart and soul on the check of my house! When I get my key from HDB, I am so lost that I don’t even know what’s a real defect means and decided to search online. Chance upon Absolute Inspection and email them to check on the package and pricing. Wee Kwang was the one helping in my enquiry and he is superb patience with all my nonsensical question as I was feeling insecure.

The first check was really super details to the extend that I worry my BSC might be irritated but it was indeed really blessed that I found them. The entire experience was fantastic and is worth every money paid! Even after service was good! Wee Kwang is a funny and nice guy! Super experience! No regrets in engaging them! Contact them and get the superb service experience they provide! Also, feel safe to have your house with someone helping you and fuss free!
Penny Liu

16 july 2017

Engaged Wee Kwang and his team for defect checking. Kenneth came and did a thorough check from high above right to the flooring and base of cabinets. What’s more?? Even the exterior was checked too. Very satisfying service provided.

Anson Toh

29 august 2017

We are impressed with Kenneth’s professionlism. And also pleased to engage Absolute Inspection. Thumbs up for their service

Kelvin Saw

1 July 2017

Excellent service from Wayne. Very detailed and meticulous check. Worth every cent.

Tay Yi Jun Kara

29 JUNE 2017

When we collected the keys to our house, we were very sure we wanted to hire a defects inspection company to help us inspect our house. After all, this is probably the biggest investment in our lives so it makes sense to get someone experienced and technically knowledgeable to do a proper job for us. Many of the more popular defect inspection companies in the market we spoke to did not impress us or give us the assurance that they were able to do a proper and technically sound inspection for our house. In contrast, Absolute Inspection really stood out in terms of their technical knowledge and experience. The boss, Wee Kwang, was from BCA, the authority which sets quality standards for the construction industry, and he was able to clarify a lot of our doubts with regards to the various workmanship issues and provisions in our house. Even his inspector, Ben, who did the inspection for our house was just as experienced and was able to offer practical advice on how we should treat those workmanship defects found in our house.

I have to admit that Absolute Inspection fee is slightly higher than the other inspection companies. But I would gladly pay the extra $100 for the engineering and construction experience that they offer and the peace of mind knowing that they REALLY know how to inspect and take care of my valuable asset. This is so much better than to do the inspection myself or to go with another inspection company which does not have the same level of expertise as them. Special thanks to Wee Kwang and ben for the detailed and professional inspection because not many companies will have their boss to be at the site to do the inspections and verifications personally. Absolute Inspection is absolutely value for money and with their construction expertise and advice, we know that we are in safe hands! I will definitely recommend them to anyone who is seeking both quality work and a professional, experienced team. Kudos to the team!
Kong Wenbin

12 JUNE 2017

Absolute inspection was recommended by my friend who is a very detailed person with high expectation in terms of work quality. After engaging absolute inspection, I totally agreed with her as the team checked the unit at every corner and paid attention to the smallest detail. They are very friendly, professional and always willing to explain the impact of the defects so that one can make sound decision especially Wee Guang who actually rushed in-between his packed schedule just to accommodate to my timing. This is out of goodwill and his kindness which I really appreciated. He has also advised me on the things to look out and ways to manage the situation after the 3rd round of inspection. I’ll strongly recommend Absolute Inspection and it is definitely value for money! A big thank you to the team and especially Wee Guang!

Catherine Khoo

9 July 2017

When you don’t have a clue how to spot the many types of defects (major, minor, cosmetics, etc), they are the ones to go to. Wayne did a great job and gave a particular valuable advise which saved us time and hassle. Wee Kwang was also responsive to my messages. Happy with their service and will recommend to friends.

Keep it up!
Ec Tan

1 July 2017

I got to know about Absolute Inspection from my condo group chat. Wee Kwang was very prompt in responding to and kind to accede to my urgent request for a last minute time slot for defect inspection. Wayne was the inspector assigned to conduct the defect inspection in my unit. He was punctual, friendly, efficient and very professional – patiently combing through the entire unit with stickers to label the defects. Wayne and Wee Kwang have also been very patient with my follow up queries and reassuring with regards concerns that I have over the developer’s willingness to make good the long list of defects. I highly recommend Absolute Inspection to anyone looking for professionals to rectify defects in your properties.

Wonus Ng-Ong

30 JUNE 2017

Thank you Wayne! One of the best decision made that I have not regret. Keep up the good work young man!

Sara Lee

23 JUNE 2017

Thank you Wayne for the detailed inspection. Kudos to you and the team!

Stanley Chan

17 JUNE 2017

Ben was extremely meticulous and was able to identify so many minute problems that i didnt notice myself. He carefully labelled all the problems and diligently noted them down onto the form. Great job done and highly recommended!

Nicole Liu Suyun

15 JUNE 2017

Wee Kwang was very responsive and patient with my enquiries. Wayne and Kim diligently inspected the whole condo thoroughly and explained the defects in each room Amazing work done. Its definitely great team work. Willl definitely recommend to friends and families. Two thumbs up!

Kevina Khoo

9 JUNE 2017

Top notch service by Wee Kwang & Wayne. Thank you!

Vega Hardono

23 JUNE 2017

Thanks Wayne for the professionalism and a great job done!

Jakki Lim

19 JUNE 2017

Engaged them for my new house. Ben came and checked the entire place thoroughly, everything from minor to major defects were spotted by him. Glad I’ve made the choice to get them to inspect the place! Will definitely recommend them to my friends!

Wang Guo Wei

15 JUNE 2017

Thank you Wayne and Ben for the excellent job done. A total of 133 defeats were spotted.

Daniel Tan

9 JUNE 2017

I would have never picked up the defects like the professional Wayne from absolute team – absolutely fantastic and could not have had a better experience. Highly recommended and a must have for new house owners!

Amit Sood

29 JUNE 2017

Wee Kwang is very responsive to queries, and the overall experience for the first inspection is nice and smooth. His staff Wayne did a nice job of checking the defects.

Luke Chin Beng

22 JUNE 2017

Wee Kwang is very responsive to queries, and the overall experience for the first inspection is nice and smooth. His staff Wayne did a nice job of checking the defects.

Henry Wong

16 JUNE 2017

Wayne and kim were very attentive doing the 1st round inspection for my house. Thumbs up for the 2 guys . Hope they can upkeep the same standard for my 2nd and final round of inspection.
Choon Wei

7 JUNE 2017

We decided to engage Absolute Inspection after reading their many good reviews, and am pleased to say that the reviews don’t lie. It was truly worth every single penny to engage them as they were very professional, friendly, detailed and concise. Wee Kwang was very patient with us and was very prompt in his replies to us. He also went the extra mile to try to fit to our schedule. I would also like to commend Kenneth and Cheong for spotting the defects (120 over defects can you believe it). They were very thorough and they would go through the defects with us and attended to our queries very patiently. Clearly, they are good in what they do. I trust their service and I would recommend them to anyone whose keen to engage a professional for defect checking. We certainly did not regret engaging them. They made the process almost seamless for us. Thanks guys, for the awesome service. 🙂
Nad Ahmad

8 JUNE 2017

ABSOLUTELY must engage Wee Kwang, Jeff and Kenneth for a peace of mind! The first inspection was attended by Kenneth. He was systematic, thorough and dedicated. Appreciated Kenneth’s hard work, patience and efforts to unearth an immense number of fundamental flaws in my apartment with shockingly low quality workmanship from a reputable developer. Jeff followed up with the joint inspection and physically ran through the defects once more during the initial inspection. He further made it a point to reinstate the major flaws that needs to be addressed plus added a couple more defects to the list.

Extremely glad I made the right call to engage Absolute Inspection to protect my interests. Looking forward to the final joint inspection.
Joe Leong

8 JUNE 2017

Am thankful that I have stumbled across absolute inspection through the web. We have just completed the first inspection with Wayne & must say he has done an excellent job with spotting defects in our new home. He was professional & experienced with the our project since he has also completed other units in our development. Given our lack of experience since this is our first home, it is extremely essential to have a consultant like absolute inspection to do a thorough check on our home. Without their help, we would never thought that defects in our homes are actually defects! In addition, the experience was extremely hassle fee as Wayne helped to fill in the defects form clearly & neatly. Absolute inspection has definitely helped to save our time & efforts ! I would highly encourage first time home owners to engage their services. Looking forward to the 2nd & 3rd inspection with them!

Angeline Ang

2 JUNE 2017

Thank you WAYNE… for such a great job well done. It was such a pleasure working with him as he did a thourugh job and even my mum was very impressed by him. Thank you
Phebe Yeo Snead

5 JUNE 2017

Very detailed and splendid job did by Wayne today! Very impressed on the amount of defects found which I don’t think I’ll ever find myself. Money well spend definitely!

CheatWoon Yong

31 may 2017

Just leave the works to the professionals! Wee Kwang, Kenneth and team are meticulous, patient and professional in checking through the defects and explaining them to us during the 1st inspection. Friendly, efficient and prompt. Good job guys and look forward to subsequent meet ups.

Charlene Huang Xueling

28 may 2017

I’m impressed by their service yesterday at my new hse first inspection. Kenneth from Absolute team had made very details checks. To my surprise, he managed to spot more than 50 defects for my 4-room hse. It’s is better to get them to check before u start yr renovation.

Desmond Koh

28 may 2017

Absolute team (Wee Kwang, James, Ben) – They are a team of professional who are detailed, responsible and deliver the high quality service they promise. I can tell that they sincerely put the interest of me as a home owner ahead of theirs as they help make my new home as flawless as possible. Despite their tight schedule, they try to do their best to accommodate my request and schedule. I highly recommend to engage Absolute for defect inspection of your new home to have save hassle and peace of mind and I’m glad that I make this choice 😀

Evelyn Chia

23 may 2017

Thanks Wayne for the detailed inspection! If not for your service, i would definitely missed out on lots of the defects of my unit. Thank u for answering my queries eventhough your bz w inspection. All in all, great job!

Sufyan Rizal

17 May 2017

Wee Kwang has been very responsive and accommodative. The 2 colleagues who helped with my unit inspection are pretty detailed. They even helped you with the completion of the defect form. On top of that, wee Kwang tried as much as possible to cater to my need for follow up inspection at very short notice. Appreciate the good services provided and it was indeed money well spent! Thank you and hope everyone will gain benefits and convenience from absolute inspections professional services.

Choco Tan

13 May 2017

Friendly Wayne, thanks!

Jovial Janice

16 May 2017

Detailed, exact, precise are some of the words that I would use to describe Wayne. With a keen eye, he was able to quickly complete the inspection professionally. All in all, I would like to commend him and Absolute Inspection for the job well done.
Chen Shouqin

5 JUNE 2017

I just collected my keys at Riverbank @ Fernvale. My wife engaged their service from group buy. I was a bit skeptical about the necessity of having external party for defect checking at first. But as it turns out, I am really glad she did. The guy named Wayne, who checked our unit, is patient, maticulous, and thorough. I will definitely recommend absolute inspection to other home owners. And I will definitely considering engaging their services again if ever own another new place.

Haolan Cai

1 JUN 2017

Great Service. Wee Kwang managed to move our appointment forward as we found out there is a leakage from pipes so the team can assist us earlier. Wayne provided a very detailed and complete check for our apartment. Definitely money well spent.

Alice Yeung Lee Ting

29 may 2017

Absolutely satisfied and happy with Wayne’s service. He’s really meticulous in his defect checking and helps point out so many imperfection at my unit. Makes the defects checking process so easy for me. Thanks!

Jason Ee

25 may 2017

Wee Kwang and team were absolute professionals and very meticulous. It was money well spent to ensure a peace of mind as time was very precious to us. Thanks Wee Kwang for your patience, responsibility and flexibility in accommodating our requests and giving us advice. We will definitely recommend you to others – well done!

Rachel Lim

19 may 2017

Absolute Inspection’s great! Got them to check the defects for my 4 bedder and the staff Kenneth, spent almost 6 hrs scrutinising my unit. He came well prepared with all his equipment and left no parts of the house untouched! Very professional and knowledgeable.

Shir Li

14 May 2017



30 Apr 2017

Engaging absolute to do the defect check for my new home is a wise choice. Wayne has done a detailed check and highlighted some of the defects which I don’t even is defects! Great job done him. Really appreciate your professionalism and effort. �

Ong Cherie

3 JUNE 2017

It was totally great experience engaging absolute inspection team! Wayne and Kenneth did the first round inspection efficiently and professionally. They even took times went through all the defects and explained patiently to clear our doubts. As for Wee Kwang, he was super responsive, friendly, responsible and professional. He tried his best to slot in our last minute appointments despite of his tight schedule and even came down in person for our 2nd and 3rd inspection, followed up closely to ensure everything in order. Kudos to your team! Will definitely recommend to friends! Thank you!

Rachel Ang

1 JUNE 2017

This is our first time engaging a defect inspection service. Wayne and Kenneth were there for the first round inspection. They were very detailed and spotted quite a number of defects, which I didn’t aware. Super impressive � glad we had them for the first round. Second and third round done by Wee Kwang. He did the talk with people from management office and contractors professionally well. I don’t have to worry for even a bit. Everything cleared in 2 weeks and we are now ready for reno. Totally worth the money! Will definitely recommend your service to my friends. Thank you team

Lisa Ang

30 may 2017

I engaged Absolute Inspection to conduct defects check for our new home. The team consists of Cheong and Kenneth, they were very thorough and professional during the inspection process. I have a peace of mind after engaging their service. If anyone needs a defect specialist, I’ll definitely recommend Absolute Inspection!

Amanda Tan

28 may 2017

Very pleased with the service! Ben came alone as his colleague was ill but he was very quick and thorough with the checks, everything was done in 4 hours. He also took the time to explain the findings and process, many of which were impossible for me to do or know on my own. Thank you!

Irene Seah

28 may 2017

James and Wee Kwang did a wonderful job for us. Absolute Inspection truly lives up to its rave reviews online. We had a peace of mind knowing that we would not be living with any defects that might lead to serious problems in future.

Evans Raevian

20 may 2017

Thank you Wayne for the detailed inspection!!

Young Ju Ju

30 Mar 2017

Engaging Absolute Inspection was a recommendation from by one of my neighbour and we were totally grateful that we did. Wee Kwang & Wayne are a team of professional & I would specially like to thanks Wayne for doing a splendid job yesterday. He was very detail and patience running through all edge and corners. Some of the defect that he discover would never have been discover by myself. Example very tiny hole on laminate / hollow tiles on toilet wall at a very high corner / door & lock alignment was out & etc. I would strongly recommend their service. Cheers!!!!

Kimmy Teo

28 may 2017

If you want to have a peace of mind that your house defect check is thorough, then you got to engage Absolute Inspection. From the boss Wee Kwang to their staffs (Wayne & Kenneth), the whole process with dealing with them was seamless. A special shout out to their staff Wayne for his meticulous checks at my residence. Hardworking, knowledgeable and really left no stones unturned. Glad that I engaged Absolute Inspection for my defect checks at my residence. Money well spent!! !

Hussin Azzahir

19 may 2017

It is really worth to engage this bunch of pro to do defect check from hdb BTO. First inspection, Ben spent close to 2-3 hours to inspect every areas and paste defect concerns with stickers and write down in the defect list for me to submit. 2nd round of inspection, his team leader Jeff go through the list with BTO contractor on areas that must be rectified, such as tile replacement regardless of short cut measures suggested by the contractor. If I handled the discussion with these contractor, sure heated arguments and will take longer than an hour to explain my concerns. Eventually these contractors accept Ben and Jeff inspection feedbacks and all discussion done within 30 minutes with no bad feelings. Will await the contractor rectification works in 14 working days so that the 3rd inspection can commence by Jeff. Kudos to the hard work and effort to help my family out.

Yong Teck Loh

11 May 2017

Would like to thank Wayne for his excellent service. He is very experienced detailed and dedicated in providing his service. Managed to spot 90 defects for my unit size of only 947 sq ft! Helped me out in clarifying my queries! He also helped me to fill up my defect list with his clear and nice hand writing too and worked through the defects with developer! 🙂 It was also good to have him back for 2nd followup session as he had a clear understanding of the defects and managed to catch new defects! 🙂 Wld definitely recommend his service to my friends in future! Wayne thanks very much for ur excellent service! 🙂

Siew Cheng

9 May 2017

Engaged Absolute Inspection to inspect my new home upon receiving the keys. James did the inspection for us and he was meticulous, systematic of the whole process. Was very impressed at all the defects highlighted. James walked the supervisor through the joint inspection to highlight the areas which needed rectification. This was done within the same day, thanks to his suggestion. The process saved us much stress of finding the defects ourselves. I highly recommend them to inspect your unit for a peace of mind. Thank you Absolute Inspection!

Nicole Wong

25 Apr 2017

We engaged Absolute Inspection for our new condo unit’s defect checking. We were privileged to have their staff Ben come by to do the first inspection for us. He was very efficient and thorough and took time to carry out the inspection. We were very impressed at the level of commitment and professionalism he displayed. He clearly knew what he was doing and took time to explain the whole process to us. We are looking forward to the next step of the joint inspection with Absolute Inspection. Will definitely recommend them for new owners looking for a defects inspection expert!

Nicholas Ng

29 Apr 2017

Was introduced to Wee Kwang through a friend who recently did his inspection by Absolute Inspection at his new flat in Boon Keng and heard good reviews, thought I’d do the same. Wee Kwang was friendly, quick to respond and no question was too small, he’d answer them all. So from a quote to finally making an appointment after collecting my own keys, Wee Kwang walked me through how many defect lists I needed to have on standby, and I was able to set up an appointment in the coming few days.

James came over and did up the defects list/ inspection for my 3-Room flat in Toa Payoh, and was on the dot in punctuality, and a thorough worker, not leaving anything unchecked. I had about 50-60 defects in all, mostly minor. He also advised me to try to ask for a combined inspection with BSC and him on the same day. Though I wasn’t able to do that on the same day, I appreciate his attention to detail and willingness to go the extra mile. I met Wee Kwang 2 days later to do my combined inspection with BSC and he added a couple more items to the defects list. Having worked with the BSC people on another project before, it quickly put my mind at ease knowing though newly set up, Wee Kwang and team have already done countless houses and are specialists at what they do. For the price I’m paying to have a peace of mind, and to know what they can look out for when I can’t, I say they are a company that will guide any first time home owners through, whilst being really good at their job. Highly recommend Absolute Inspection.
Shaun Tan

6 Apr 2017

Thanks a lot for your professional service, Wayne !

Tuan M Nguyen

5 may 2017

@ Kenneth! Thank you so much for your help! Very professional inspector and knowledgeable! 👍

Gao Jun

24 Apr 2017

Had our new flat inspected by Wayne. He was able point out defects such as bubble that was formed within the windows, cupboard doors not being aligned just to name some. Wayne is also able to clearly explain what are the defects identified and what would be the potential resolution by the contractors. Overall we are pleased with his work.

Edgar Chiang

2 Apr 2017

Thank you Wayne for the detailed inspection. Surprised that so many defect were found. Definitely worth the value of money. Keep up the good work! Looking forward to the 2nd inspection

Ang Ghee Shen

5 Apr 2017

Thank you Wayne for ur detailed inspection! Great attention to every small minor details. Thumbs up!

Hanumanth Reddy

5 may 2017

Booking an appt with Absolute Inspection was seamless and they were even accomodative as I had to push back the appointment abit later on the day itself. Kenneth did the inspection of our house, and he was very experienced and meticulous. After inspecting, he even spared some time showing and explaining the defects, minor and major ones that were found. There is still a joint inspection and follow up checks after rectification service provided. I would definitely recommend house owners to engage Absolute Inspection.

Farhan Sukri

6 Apr 2017

Definitely recommended for first time owners. Kenneth from the team did the inspection for us, and the inspection was nothing short of meticulous and thorough. A lot of places that normally we would not even think to look for. Very satisfied..

Luther Kim

3 Apr 2017

Inspection and follow up done by wee kwang and kim. Thank you both for a thorough check.

Amalia Yunus

18 Mar 2017

James did an impressive job with a very detailed inspection today! Hoping the rectification works and next inspection will go smoothly too. Thank you !

Yvette Pang

8 may 2017

Wayne did the inspection of our apartment today. He did a good job, very nice and professional!

Ada Chung

25 Apr 2017

Liaised with Wee Kwang for the inspection, he was very responsive and accommodative. The actual defect inspection was conducted by James. He was very thorough and explained all the defects to me. Very professional and highly recommended!

Norman You

24 Apr 2017

James was very patient and walked us through the defects. He found reasonable defects which I don’t think I would have noticed. I was initially sceptical about such services but now I think it is money well spent.

Tan Yam Hoe Jeremy

2 Feb 2017

Engaged Absolute Inspection through recommendation from my new neighbour. From my interaction with them, can tell that they are very experience, responsible and dedicated team of defect checker. Thanks to Ben, Jeff and Wee Kwang for their effort in making an effort to check every corner of my new house. A total of 85 defects were detected. Really worth engaging their service to give house owner like me a piece of mind…. Thumbs up and highly recommended!!

Jocelyn Chia

24 Apr 2017

Good job done! Inspection is done by Kenneth. He brought the necessary equipments as well as multi-coloured post-it to indicate and classify the defects into different categories. He’s patient to explain the defects and how rectification should be done. We would have missed many defects if we did not engage him.. Satisfied!

Vanessa Yoong

28 Mar 2017

Very good service and work carry out in a very professional way. They are really patience and very detail in defect checking, especially for James who come for the initial inspection where the whole house is full of defects. Wee Kwang very responsive to my reply/ questions and good planning. I think the money is very well spent. Strongly recommend friends to get Absolute Inspection for defect checks.

Tan Ming Hui

28 Mar 2017

Wee Kwang was responsive to enquiries and we settled on appointment very quickly via Facebook. On day of inspection, Kenneth arrived at our unit very punctually. We left him to do his work for over 3 hours. He is definitely menticulous in his work as several minor defects were also identified which I think we would never notice if we did inspection on our own. After inspection, he did a walk through and returned us the defect forms with defects identified for us to submit. The whole process was smooth and easy. We appreciate their professionalism and we look forward to our 2nd appointment with Kenneth and Absolute Inspection.

Wei Ling Emlyn

26 Mar 2017

Was attended by Ben. I was pleased to see that he arrived 5 minutes earlier then the stipulated timing. I couldn’t be with him as I had to carry on with my work. I trust that he will do a good job. About 2 1/2 hours later, he called me and when I arrived at my house, true enough I can see that he was meticulous in his work. He inspected every inch and corner of the house. I was shocked with the amount of defects there were. My wife and I thought that everything was well and there was no defects. He gave me advice on the next course of action and I appreciate the gesture. I look forward to our next defect checking appointment Ben. Thank you very much and it was an amount well spent.

Asmi Razali

22 Mar 2017

Firstly, A big thanks to Wee Kwang, Kenneth and team for a job well done. Wee Kwang is an experienced and patient professional answering all my queries and explaining to me the procedures for defects rectification and liabilities even BEFORE i engaged them. I am in the Real Estate industry myself so i know a little about construction but I was further impressed with his knowledge, which made me engage them. On the actual day, Kenneth did a very through job beyond what a layman can accomplish. He even inspected my a/c ledge for defects! (WTF?!) Their experience in inspecting hundreds of properties and knowledge of how the developers work is their key advantage to know what to look out for during the inspection and what is considered acceptable or not acceptable.

Overall, i think it is money well spent for a peace of mind, knowing someone is looking out for you to prevent you from being shortchanged by developers and their sub-contractors. Never settle for less for such a heavy lifetime investment! I highly recommend their services to everyone!
Basil Chan

21 Mar 2017

Wayne did my initial inspection. He was knowledgeable and very thorough! The only problem is getting an appointment slot with them, because they’re really popular!

Aileen Tan

12 Mar 2017

Wayne did a great job in inspecting for defects and later explained thoroughly during our review. Engaging a professional is a good choice for first time homeowners, as they are experienced in identifying defects and the rectification process with the contractors.

Eric Soon

3 Mar 2017

Wee Kwang and his team were very professional. Wayne and Ben did a great job in conducting the home inspection efficiently and thoroughly. They were a great help in the inspection process. Thanks, guys!

Tanya Maitland

20 Feb 2017

The guys were professional and very detailed in looking for defects. Great job to kenneth and ben for the job well done

Mohamed Firdaus Mohamed Salleh

15 Feb 2017

James is punctual and did a good job

Kenny Khong

3 Jan 2017

Thanks Wayne for the thorough inspection. Wasn’t expecting to see the defects that he actually managed to spot.

Joelson Sim

21 Mar 2017

As a first time home owner, I found the checking for defects difficult. Wee Kwang was prompt in responding to queries while Wayne, who did the first inspection, did a thorough job in checking and tagging. The different types of tags that he used also made it easier for me to understand the severity of each defect found. He was also more than willing to explain what he was doing. I look forward to the 2nd and 3rd inspection with the team at Absolute.

U-Shan Lim

17 Mar 2017

Kenneth, Jeff & Wee Kwang assisted in our 1st, 2nd & final joint inspections respectively. They are very professional, detailed, friendly, prompt & provide excellent service. They helped to effectively liaise with the BSC defects rectification team to resolve all issues within 2 weeks; while my hubby & I just sat back & relax ouselves. 🙂 Highly recommended to new home owners!!!

Apple Oh

25 Feb 2017

Great folks! Super responsive, responsible and savvy in handling condo Mgt. Special Tks to Wee Kwang & Jeff & Team!!

Nicole Foo

2 Jan 2017

We had Ben today come in for the inspection of our new home at BL. He was Friendly and meticulous in so many areas that we had missed out if on our own. It was a great experience. Glad we had gone ahead with this great service delivered. Thanks Ben. Xie xie ni.!

ZCher Zhan

22 Feb 2017

Response was prompt. First and second inspection was done on the same day as the schedule for main con, kenneth and myself matched. Will recommend for busy home owners who want to skip the hassle of doing the checks yourself.

Jeremy Seah

17 Mar 2017

Met with James today at our new BTO flat. The services rendered was very professional. Walk through all the defects together after he is done with the inspection – he is very patient and explained the situation and defects to me. Will definitely recommend their service! From the beginning when we decided to engage their services until the inspection day, help was given and questions were promptly answered.

Thumbs up! Cheers!
Alex Ho

9 Mar 2017

Thank you Wayne for the great and detail inspection! Appreciate it alot 🙂.

Kong Qan

27 Dec 2016

Ben came over and inspected my new home this morning. He is very patient and very meticulous. Ben did a thorough inspection in my new house, inspecting areas that I will not think of checking. Wee Kwang, the boss, has also been very kind and accommodating. It has been a stress-free experience for me and my family. I am very pleased with their service and will surely recommend Absolute Inspection to my new neighbours, friends and family

Isaac's Mum

28 Feb 2017

We made a right choice by engaging Absolute Inspection to provide us with professional checks on our new house. As a first time house owner, we didn’t know what to look out for. Wee Kwang & Kim helped us to complete the defect form and made the house colourful with marking within 3 hours of having them with us. Having them to check on the defects subsequently just made us felt relieved and assured that our house is ready before the renovation start. Scheduling with Wee Kwang is also a breeze. He’s accommodative to our schedule. A nice & friendly guy to work with. Thank you, Sir! Will definitely recommend them

Michelle Tan

21 Mar 2017

Had my defects inspection done by Wayne and Kenneth today and am very pleased with their hard work. As a first time home owner, I have zero knowledge on what are considered defects, hence I decided to engage a specialist to assist me in doing so before I begin renovation. It was indeed an eye-opening experience when they could identify that my cooker hood is slanted, door frames are not aligned properly and shelf pins are rusty. Besides cosmetic defects, other major defects spotted include water seepage, debris in drain, hollow flooring, rusty parts of external staircase and roof terrace. After the thorough inspection by both of them over 3 hours and numerous forms later (100+ defects), Wayne explained the defects found, area by area and what remedies would be done to resolve the defects.

Upon hearing from his team members that some parts of the high windows cannot be checked due to the high ceiling, Wee Kwang came down at the end of the inspection with ladder in tow to check the remainder. That is a thorough job done and great service from the friendly Absolute Inspection folks. Looking forward to the 2nd and 3rd sessions!
Cai Mingyu

8 Mar 2017

I engaged the services of Absolute Inspection recently, and I have been consistently impressed by the professionalism and attention to detail of Wee Kwang and his team.

During the first engagement, Wee Kwang and Kenneth gave a thorough examination of a 30+-year-old apartment we were considering for purchase, pointing out defects that were not even on our radar at all when we first viewed it. After the inspection they explained the issues clearly and logically, and were happy to answer our questions.
We liked them so much that we engaged them again, for a different apartment we were looking at. Wee Kwang and Ben were equally professional and helpful, and gave a detailed assessment of the house’s condition and issues that posed a potential safety concern.
I can’t recommend Absolute Inspection highly enough. Very good service and value for money.


Huang Kaiyang

23 Mar 2017

Kudos to Absolute inspection for doing a great job! My husband and I were so impressed at the level of detail provided by Wee Kwang. He was very meticulous and combed through every inch of the house to ensure that no nook or cranny was left out. He also patiently took the time to explain the defects in layman terms for our own understanding. Highly recommend Absolute inspection to anyone looking for a dependable and trust-worthy defects inspection company.

Deborah Tang

3 Jan 2017

Prompt action by Absolute Inspection in conducting the meticulous checks when engaged. Wee Kwang identified the finest of defects that the layman would clearly have missed, and even explained the defects to us. In addition, he’s always happy to clarify any doubts or answer any questions that we may have. Thanks to the wonderful service rendered! Would strongly recommend their professional service to anyone.

Lee Chee Siong

3 Jan 2017

Just had a defect inspection with Kenneth from Absolute Inspection. Was pleasantly surprised that they have a discount for our project and was thankful to have Kenneth doing the inspection for us as he was so meticulous in his checks for every corner in the house. From the minor to the major issues, he was clear in documenting and explaining to us where and what are the defects and issues. Great service!.

Terence Teo

31 Dec 2016

Wee kwang was very responsive on Facebook and managed to get me an appointment for defects checking within the week. He arrived promptly with Kenneth on the actual day. Kenneth was very conscientious and detailed in his checking. After leaving the house for an hour, i came back to a house full of post-it. Kenneth also was able to explain to me the defects detected. Most were so invisible but important that they could not have been spotted by the untrained eye. Very impressed with the service provided by absolute inspection and will definitely recommend them to my friends! s.

Sharon Au

15 Jan 2017

Big thanks to Kenneth from Absolute Inspection. He is very professional and thorough in his work. He spotted many defects in my unit. Very impressed! Wee Kwang is very responsive to my queries. Look forward to see you in the upcoming joint inspection.

Lam Pk

26 Jan 2017

The best money we spent on our condo, without question!! Wee Kwang’s team is fast but thorough and very professional. Wee Kwang is responsive thoughtful and helpful. Would recommend him and the company wholeheartedly!!

Jannie Tsuei

20 Jan 2017

The services provided by Wee Kwang and Jeff were superb. The defects checking was very detailed, and Wee Kwang is very prompt with all the appointments replies to my query. Really appreciate the team from interfacing with the developer, and being firm with them at times. Kudos to Absolute Inspection, A very much trusted service they provided. Thanks, Wee Kwang!

Jon Chee

10 Jan 2017

It was a breeze for a new home owner like me to go through the defects check process as James and Wee Kwang were very responsible and thorough. James was assigned to process the initial inspection. He was swift and thorough with the checks. During the joint inspection, Wee Kwang single-handedly took on the developer’s rep and the main contractor with finesse, resolving every single defect on the list with ease. Impeccable service standards and knowledge about defects. Thank you for the job well done, it was money well-spent!

Eileen Kek

6 Jan 2017

I have engaged Absolute Inspection and was very pleased by the professionalism of Wee Kwang and Kenneth. After submitting my query online, I immediately got a reply at the same day and was able to book a slot for the first inspection, the next day after I got my keys, thanks to Wee Kwang who has been very prompt in answering all my queries and very considerate on proposing to continue with the check pending PUB activation. And of course a BIG thank you to Kenneth who really did a great job of carrying out the inspection meticulously, from finding all major defects up to the most minor ones and in explaining the details of the issues. Highly recommended, well done!

Glandelyn Pabilonia

26 Jan 2017

Wee Kwang is very accommodating in my request to arrange a last minute inspection appointment. He managed to slot me in on my preferred date despite his team’s busy schedule. On the first inspection, Wayne turned up feeling under the weather but still did his job professionally. He identified and explained all the defects to me which I hardly noticed at first glance. You definitely need his eagle eyes to spot all the major and minor defects before all these defects become problematic. I strongly recommend anyone to engage their service if you do not want to spend lots of money on repair and rectification work in the future due to current unidentified defects. I will be looking forward to my subsequent inspections with the team.

Jason Lee

25 Jan 2017

Met up with 2 young gentlemen, Kenneth & James at my new apartment at The Amore today. These 2 young gentlemen spent 4 backbreaking hours checking my apartment for defects and came up with a list of more than 100 items for rectification. I am impressed with the professionalism and dedication of Kenneth & James as many of the defects raised are beyond what we would normally check. Thanks guys.

Albert Tan

8 Jan 2017

 I recently engaged their service, Wee Kwang and team are very responsive to enquiries, questions and following up in all 3 inspection and rectification meetings. It is extremely helpful for people who do not understand or know exactly how and what to check and look out for in your inspection of new house. For the first inspection, after more than 3 hours, they walk me through all the defects (more than 60+) where some I wouldn’t have look into at all. A report was also prepare for you on the defects list together with the following up appointments. It definitely save me time and worries by engaging their service. Highly recommended.
Gabriel Tay Jiawen

26 Jan 2017

just got my unit inspected by absolute inspection. james did a really good job in find all the minor defects from my flat. took 2+ hours to inspect a 4 room flat without flooring and doors. would recommend people to take up cause BTO has just too many defects.
Jerry Sim

26 Jan 2017

I had engaged Absolute Inspection to check on the defects of my unit and was very surprised with the amount of defects that they were able to identify (My unit was full of post its when I opened my unit for the 2nd round of checks..haha!) A total of 70plus defects were listed from uneven paint job to scratches on the window and other small defects. I wouldn’t have known that even the smallest of defects can be reported to BSC. Special thanks to their staff James who thoroughly checked my unit during the first round and their boss Wee Kwang who run through the defects with BSC during the 2nd round. Overall I am very pleased with their service.!

Farhan Anak Fadil

13 Jan 2017

Wayne was extremely thorough. He did a fabulous job finding defects I had not noticed myself. I will recommend him to all my friends. Well done Wayne!!!

Ivy Branson

10 Jan 2017

We would like to say a BIG thank you to Wee Kwang and his team for doing a great job our home inspection (BTO). We couldn’t agree more with the other positive reviews already provided. Absolute Inspection is really a guarantee of a service that is prompt, professional and proficient. We engaged their services at the eleventh hour and wish we had made that decision much early. That would save us the time and stress from trying to find out how to do it on our own. The pleasant experience started with the VERY prompt response provided by Wee Kwang. Contacted him late at night and he got back first thing in the morning with an appointment. There was even a discount provided for our BTO 😀. They provided a total of 3 joint inspections and they left no stones unturned. Despite their packed schedule, Wee Kwang tried his best to arrange for a time slot to accommodate my last-minute requests. Really appreciate that! Kenneth arrived punctually for the 1st inspection and started combing the flat for defects almost immediately. Within 3 mins, he detected at least 4 defects on places I have looked at several times but did not find anything. We left the house with him from 2pm to about 6.30pm and came back to our house filled with tapes and annotations! Kenneth did a thorough job checking every window, every tile, every corner of the house. As there was no lights in our flat, Kenneth even had to rely on the torchlight from his phone to fill up the defect list towards the end. The descriptions he wrote were clear and his handwriting was impressively neat! (AND he is so tall, with just a tip toe, he could check places that we will not be able to see!!! 😀) He could not accompany us to BSC because it was a weekend evening and the office was closed. Although Wee Kwang offered the flexibility to accompany us to BSC on another date if we really needed, we felt that the list and Kenneth’s explanation would suffice. And indeed, the list was comprehensive enough that the contractors could complete almost all the 69 defects found. Wayne and Jeff came for 2nd and 3rd inspection subsequently and helped us to find a few new defects and some earlier ones that were not done/not done well. They met up the supervisor with us. Very professionally and firmly, they helped us to talk to supervisor and managed to get him to agree to rectify them for us. All the inspectors were very patient in explaining the defects to us. Despite having different inspectors in the follow-up appointments, both Wayne and Jeff knew exactly what to check for and what to follow-up on with the initial defect list. I will recommend, without hesitation, their excellent service to homeowners like us who really want the defect checking to be a less painful process! We are glad we made the right decision to engage their services! Great job guys and thank you!

Ferlin Ang

21 Nov 2016

Being a first time owner, we have no clue of how to defect checking. Googled it out and we came across Absolute Inspection. After reading all the good reviews from their clients, our instinct told us to engage them. Although they have been very busy lately, Wee Kwang has been accommodative to my request and he was always prompt in replying to my emails. Thank you, Wee Kwang! James who came down for the inspection did such an amazing and thorough job! We were amazed that he could spot such a tiny defect which we both didn’t notice it before. He went through and show us all the defects, be it the major and minor ones. Not only that, James is such a pleasant inspector and is friendly. Thanks James for giving our house a bit of colours due to the post-its! Lol. Honestly speaking, we are happy and satisfied with Absolute Inspection and we have no regrets engaging them! Now, we are looking forward to complete our defect checking process. Good job team and keep it up!!

Darlianna Deniyal

21 Nov 2016

I’m really pleased with the services provided by Wee Kwang and his team. Wee Kwang was prompt in responding to emails and messages, and very accommodating to our timings as well. Kenneth was the one who did the initial inspection and I must say that I’m really impressed that he really did a fantastic and thorough job. He also helped to fill up the defects list that needs to be handed to HDB orderly. I would not hesitate to recommend my friends and colleagues to Absolute Inspection if they are to engage professional inspection service.

Michael Pang Chung Han

18 Nov 2016

I invested so much in a home so decided to just pay a little more to do a proper and thorough inspection. Just completed the first inspection and found Wayne and Ben to be punctual, professional and polite. Found defects through trained and experienced eyes/ears…Looking forward to them seeing it through the final 2 inspection.

Yeazid Tamrend

17 Nov 2016

As a 1st time house owner we have no idea how to do defect checking and we were afraid that we may miss any major defects thus we decide to engage professional defect inspectors. Absolute Inspection is recommended by our friend. The boss Wee kwang always reply to our messages very promptly. On the day of our inspection, Kenneth did a very detailed job with our house full of tapes.. he also go thru and show us each major and minor defects, he can even see small scratches on the window that we didn’t even notice. Looking forward to complete our defect checking process. Thanks Absolute Inspection. Really make the defect checking painless and time saving for 1st time owner. thumbs up!

Verlynn Tan

15 Nov 2016

I got to know about Absolute Inspection through a friend and I must say I am very please with their service and inspection. Kenneth was very professional and inspected our flat very well. So detailed that even my OCD husband is so impressed that Kenneth could inspect our house waaay better than what he expected! I would highly recommend Absolute Inspection to my friends getting their keys for their BTO. I feel that my house is in very very very good hands with them!s.

Tsuriki Mok

15 Nov 2016

Just met up with a chatty and friendly Wayne who did a great job thoroughly checking and tagging the defects in my unit, and explaining what kind of follow up the developer can do to remedy the situation. For sure there are areas checked you would never have even thought or dreamed of. Given their experience checking units and homes all over the island, you can be sure they know of recurrent and common problems and so they can zero in on these quickly. Will be looking forward to the 2nd and 3rd inspections with the developer’s defects team and with Absolute Inspection helping to guide the way. Wee Kwang has also been really prompt with all queries, replying frequently at 1am plus in the morning. Kudos to you and your team for their great professionalism!

Teoh Chin Leong

21 Dec 2016

I just had my first round of inspection earlier today with James and Kenneth and I am extremely impressed with their service! Wee Kwang, whom I liaised with from the beginning, was extremely prompt with his replies and scheduling of house inspection date! Both James and Kenneth were very conscientious and specific with every single detail, and I must commend their eagle-eye observation and experience regarding house inspection, as there were so many defects which I would not have picked up myself. Moreover, they were patient in bringing me through every single defect and provided me with valuable tips for a new house. This has definitely reassured me as a new house owner!:) Keep it up, Absolute Inspection and I look forward to the subsequent rounds of inspection!

Benjamin Loh

3 Dec 2016

Wee Kwang is a professional inspector who is very knowledgeable, competent and hardworking, and provides numerous useful tips and advice. Thankfully with his expertise in home inspection, he identified all major and minor items which even owner ourselves would not have found out, and highlighted these carefully in the defects list. Very detailed and dedicated in checking for defects, Absolute Inspection was recommended by our friends and was too, seen being recommended in our project group chat. They are willing to go the extra mile and help you to save cost on those minor defects. A Big Thank You to Wee Kwang and Team. Highly recommend to those new and resale house buyer.

Candy Lan

19 Dec 2016

Wayne was very prompt and went through a detailed explanation upon his completion of the inspection.

Gabriel Seow

23 Nov 2016

Thanks Wee Kwang for the prompt replies and Wayne for doing a thorough defects check for my house today. Wayne managed to pick out many defects that could be missed out easily and also highlight the defects to the BSC officer for rectification. Thanks a lot for your help and we look forward to completing our 3rd inspection soon!

Jolene Tan

23 Dec 2016

Highly recommended! Wee Kwang and team are very experienced and helped to lodge over 150 over defects for my house with the developer. They were very thorough in their checks! And the three inspection rounds with them were very useful as they know how to handle the developer and the main contractor of the development. ( 1st round was to lodge the defect , 2nd round was the joint inspection, 3rd round was after the defect rectification )

Teo Wee Hwee

14 Dec 2016

James and cheong did a good job in checking the house. Well done to wee kwang and team

Violet Cheang

23 Oct 2016

I am pleased with James service, the inspection service is definitely worth the value.

Xiliang Gao

28 Oct 2016

We just went through the first inspection of our BTO unit with Wayne from Absolute Inspection and so far it has been a smooth and fuss-free experience. Even from the start, Wee Kwang (company boss) has been very communicative and responsive – he was able to work around our schedules and arrange an inspection time very quickly. On the actual day itself, we were surprised by how easy the process was. After Wayne arrived at the agreed time, we simply left him to his work for a few hours and returned to find that hundreds of defects have been meticulously tagged out with blue tape. We had actually thought that our unit was in quite an acceptable condition but little did we know that there were so many defects which can be flagged for rectification. That’s the advantage of having the pros at work – we might have spent many frustrating hours and picked out only a fraction of the defects.

After we returned, Wayne gave us a good walkthrough of the identified defects in each room and provided us with the completed checklist (in impeccable handwriting I must say). Now, we can look forward to the rectification process with more confidence as we know that we will have the expertise of Wee Kwang and his team with us along the way. Thanks guys!
Victor Lum

7 Dec 2016

Just did the first inspection today, and they have given us a very positive first impression. Not only are they very observant in their craft they also explained to me the various defects. They’ve also explained to me the next steps I need to take with the condo management. They’re also very responsive to queries face to face and online.

Wai Sing Yong

4 Dec 2016

Thanks Wayne and James for the excellent effort in helping us check for defects. Definitely thorough than what I would have done myself. And Wayne is patient in listening and answering some of my questions.

Suyin Kuek

19 Oct 2016

I had a good one round inspection with Ben. When I check for myself I saw like about 10 defects. Ben inspect got about 50 defects! Recommended for people who got no idea on what to look out for.

Muhammad Mirza

12 Dec 2016

We are happy customers of Absolute Inspection. Wayne and James were very detailed in their checks. Wee Kwang was very committed and responsive. We were lucky to have him come for joint inspection with our developer to run through the list of defects and another time to check if rectification works had been completed. Their service provided us alot of convenience and saved us lotsa time. They knew where were the areas to look out for, which we most probably would have overlooked if we were to do it ourselves. Thumbs up to Wee Kwang and his team for the excellent job done. Definitely a worthy investment. Highly recommended.

CN Siew

13 Dec 2016

WeeKwang and Team from Absolute Inspection is absolutely wonderful – Most glad that we had engaged their services to carry out defect check and verification for our new condo unit. Thanks WeeKwang & Team!!

Ivan Sin

10 Dec 2016

Very professional. Invaluable for TOP time. Saved me thousands.

Tom Wang Chen Yong

5 May 2016

James and ben did a good job in checking the house. They are very precise with the inspection and clear in explaning the details.

Louie Heng

20 Oct 2016

We engaged Absolute Inspection’s services for our BTO, and were very satisfied by the prompt correspondence with Wee Kwang, and Ben’s thorough and professional defect checking inspection on site. Ben meticulously documented every defect over a couple of hours, and patiently walked through all of them with the site supervisor, who accepted his documentation. Whilst we have one final inspection left to inspect the rectifications, we are confident of the professionalism of Absolute Inspection thus far, and would not hesitate to recommend their defect inspection services. Thank you Wee Kwang and Ben!

Vincent Kwek

11 Dec 2016

Wayne did an excellent job in inspecting my 2BR unit in Bartley Ridge. The detailed 1st inspection was done for approx. 3 hours. Given that the cost covers 3 inspections, I find the pricing very reasonable. Frankly speaking, I think most of us will not spend 3 full hours to scrutinize every corner of our unit as there will be a lot of details which we may have overlooked. E.g Wayne was able to spot that the bathroom table top was a bit slanted, some of the drawers were misaligned and cannot close fully, bits of glass chipped off and scratches found on the windows, warped parquet flooring, leaking showerhead hose etc. We may have taken for granted that the items are ok but if the defects (regardless how small they are) can be spotted and fixed, then why not? Wayne did go through with me the defects he spotted despite filling up the joint inspection checklist. At least it has brought to my attention on the more critical issues. Please ask for Wayne. Highly recommended.

Hung Chiu Juay

6 Dec 2016

A great and professional team. Wee Kwang has been very prompt in replying to my email queries. Wayne and his colleague did a great job to find the defects and could even locate the minor defects which my Husband and I did not take notice of at all. They are indeed the professionals! It is worth the money to engage them for their services. Get Absolute Inspection to do the work, it definitely saves your time and efforts. Thumbs up!

Lynn Zheng Cuiyun

18 Oct 2016

Found about Absolute Inspection from my neighbours who created fb group (recent TOP development). I was hesistant at the beginning and asked some of my friends to identify defects. After trying for few hours identifying defects (discussing whether it is defect or not, taking few pictures of same defect because afraid it might be blurred) until it gets dark and we can’t see anymore. At the end one of my friends told me that since I have paid a lot for the house, engaging professional defect only cost <0.1% of total price I paid and if it gives me more peace at mind, I should engage them. After reading more comments and review about Absolute Inspection, I get more comfortable in engaging them. Response from Wee Kwang (owner) is fabulous, starting from reponsing my email at 2am and trying to manage his team schedule to fit my tight schedule. Just finished going through the 100+ defects with Wayne (one of his inspectors who did many inspections in the same development) and the defects he found are amazing (e.g. all the way to the corner of the room / toilet, hollow wall, etc.) As he did few inspections in the same development, he can easily find similar defects as well (e.g. at wardrobe, toilet, window). As I sign up for full package, they will help me for joint inspection with the developer/ contractor as well because most of us (as owners) won’t know which defects can be rectifice or not. Looking forward to next session of joint inspection with the contractor. Great job Absolute Inspection =).

Hendra Tandi

17 Oct 2016

Wayne was assigned to inspect my unit. He did a great job! Would not have discovered most of the defects if not checked by Wayne! Absolute inspectors are very experienced and could do an excellent job in 3-4 hours time. Save me tremendous efforts! Did a closing inspection with the main con today and still left 17 defects to be rectified. Thanks Wayne!

Sylvia Goh

3 Nov 2016

Wee Kwang is experienced, professional & meticulous to spot most of the defects in the house. He is more particular than us, as the owner so we’re extremely pleased and referred to many friends to Wee Kwang, they have the same good comments.

Noel Tay

31 Oct 2016

I got to know about Absolute Inspection through recommendation from a friend. Communication is very coordinated throughout the process. Thank you Wee Kwang for being very responsive and patient with my queries. The team is certainly a great help to me for identifying defects that I would not have discovered on my own. Thanks to James for walking me through the defects that you have found!.

June Siow

24 Oct 2016

James came on time and got to work straight away. He was thorough and patiently took the time to debrief me on his inspection findings after. Very professional and highly recommended.

Erik Wee

7 Nov 2016

James is friendly and v detailed. He was patient and explained the defects to us clearly.

Liang Tzu Ling

2 Nov 2016

.Had no idea where to start my inspection of my new place and decided to spend some money to 买个安心.. First inspection done today with James.. And I was told that he had to cancel his off day to slot me in last minute. Glad I decided to get professional help because there were things that I would not have thought of chking! Haven’t gone through the second round with contractor.. But I feel more reassured knowing that I would have a pro with me so that the contractor cannot smoke me.. Thanks wee kwang for accommodating my last minute booking and James for decorating my place with lots of colorful stickers!

Soh Huan Liang

21 Oct 2016

enjoyed a briefing which Wee Kwang gave at Expo over the weekend. a very professional and experienced man suited for the job. your home will be in good hands with his genuine and sincere attitude!

Tan Alv Ian

14 Nov 2016

The team of people at Absolute Inspection are absolute PROS. They took away all the stress and trouble of finding defects in our condo from us. 90% of the defects they found would not be easily detected by clueless home owners like us. The boss, Wee Kuang, is very responsive and accommodating while his team members, mainly Wayne and Kenneth, are extremely helpful and friendly. They are worth every penny we paid. No regrets at all and I highly recommend them to anyone who needs a hand at troubleshooting their new home!

Serene Tan

3 Nov 2016

Ben and James who came to inspect our place at sea horizon was very professional and getting on work the moment they arrived. I can see that it was pretty hard work to check every single corner and test every single tile. They also painstakingly wrote the list of defects so that we can submit defects list to the management on the day itself. Keep up the good work and attitude!

Samuel Chong Kheeyong

28 Oct 2016

One of my friends recommended Absolute Inspection to me. The inspector Wayne really did a good job !

Yu Le

13 Oct 2016

Wayne and Ben, who came for the 1st inspection, were professional and meticulous, spotting many things which we wouldn’t have known whether or not they are considered defects. Wayne also took time to go through the main defects with me. Jeff, who came for the subsequent joint inspection, was equally professional and practical in his dealing with the developer. Glad that it was a hassle-free experience for us. Engaging Absolute Inspection was well worth it.

Wei Beng Huong

12 Oct 2016

Wayne was assigned to inspect my unit. He was friendly and after everything was checked out, he took time to go through with me the entire defects. I felt assured that everything was taken care of. Things I would never have noticed were spotted by him. Engaging Absolute Inspection is definitely recommended.

Annie Yit

1 Oct 2016

Got to know Absolute Inspection through my agent. Had to wait for almost 2 weeks as they were fully booked. Kenneth informed me before coming to my unit. He came with his friends, both of them were very polite young men and very meticulous! I was amazed to find so many defects that were previously unseen/undetected by me! Totally worth to engage their service! They emailed me the full reports 2 days after. Highly recommended!!

Diana Mak

31 Aug 2016

 I had James from the team come over today to help inspect my house. He was very friendly and meticulous on the job. Totall satisfied with the job done by him. I’d definitely recommend their serices if you are looking for someone to check the defects of your new house!!!!
Lee Yuan Chun

15 Oct 2016

Did a small hiccup on my meeting with them but they were very accommodating to my request. Noticed quite a substantial amount of defect which I would have missed, for example rust in metal strip. Will recommend my friends who will be getting their BTO if they need.
WeiCheng Swoo

12 Oct 2016

I have recently engaged absolute inspection for their help for my new home inspection. The friendly and professional boss, (Wee Kwang) helped me with the inspection and I am very pleased with his service! He is very careful and detailed with his checks and helped to surface a lot of defects from my home. He is well equipped with advance toolings and made the defect checking very effective and efficient. Strongly recommend his service for home defects checks!

Ling Li Li

5 Oct 2016

We had engaged Absolute Inspections to inspect our newly built and the inspector Kenneth was very professional. He was very thorough in his work, checking meticulously and spotting many seemingly unspottable defects. Thumbs-up ! During and after the inspection, Kenneth would patiently explain the defects. His good customer service and professionalism has left us with a good impression. We would gladly and enthusiastically recommend the services to our friends.

Gillian Sim

31 Aug 2016

Pleased with their service. One of their inspectors Ben came down and immediately started working continuously on checking for defect. Was efficient and he managed to uncover many defects, which was mostly minor. Overall, I am satisfied with the service rendered.

Richard Mok

15 Oct 2016

I’m very pleased with Absolute Inspection’s quality service. Walked into my new place to rooms filled with tape and annotations! Wayne did a really thorough job inspecting for defects, and was very patient when explaining each major and minor issue to me. His experience shows through his work etiquette and I was very impressed with his focus and attention to detail throughout the inspection. Wee Kwang has also been very prompt with communications and their comprehensive package promises that they will help to ensure what they detect is rectified. It has been a great partnership thus far and I can only say that Absolute Inspection is the service to approach for those who have just received their new homes!

Mark Lim

12 Oct 2016

This is a team that really helps take a huge burden of moving into a new place off your shoulders. Wee Kwang as the boss, was extremely prompt with his replies and very knowledgeable. As I was overseas during the first inspection, his chief inspector Kim met up with my mum and helped lodge all the defects. Kim patiently explained all the defects to my mum and she was so impressed. For all those people who are still questioning the need for such professional inspection services, I really strongly recommend you engage them. My condo is by one of the best developer-main contractor team in Singapore (C–land and Dre—ges) and yet for a one bedroom unit, we found 80 defects. And several are major defects: sink leakage, ponding, debris in floor trap causing blockage, misalignment of door such that there are big gaps, faulty lock sets etc. I can only say I’m so glad to have engaged them!

Lily Chia

11 Oct 2016

Glad that we engaged Absolute Inspection to check our new place for defects. Wayne and Kenneth were super diligent and went through the defects with us in details (key watch outs and what not). Will definitely recommend to anyone who wants to have a fuss- and worry- free defect inspection! Thanks guys!

Joanna Tan

27 Aug 2016

Huge thumbs up for Wee Kwang and James for meticulously inspecting my new flat and preparing a detailed (defects) feedback form. Not only are they knowledgeable about what to look out for, they accurately and precisely documented details of areas needing rectification which tremendously facilitated feedback/reporting to BSC. For the uninitiated, this could have been challenging (and wouldn’t help BSC’s work at all). Wee Kwang was also dedicated and thoughtful in arranging follow-up for Joint Inspection and giving advice based on his understanding of the Project condition.

Wee Kwang and James have been professional, prompt and personable – I highly recommend their value-for-money inspection services which have taken a huge load off my mind. 🙂
Kailin Huang

20 Aug 2016

. We have just received keys for our new place . We did some research online and we found absolute inspection. Read quite a fair bit of good reviews and we decided to engage them to do the defect checking for us . Wee kwang and his team ( James ) did a good job in checking the defects for our unit as well as joining us for the joint inspection . Thanks guys ..

Esther Riversails

24 Aug 2016

Recently engaged Absolute Inspection to conduct defect inspection for my new apartment. Was hesitant about engaging such services as I thought I could DIY or trust the prime development’s contractor. Turns out that Absolute Inspection’s service was so thorough that I figure I saved quite a lot of financial and emotional hassle long term, by raising the multiple issues to my development’s contractor for rectification now instead of discovering it only much later. Thank you Wee Kwang and James! .

Aaron Chia

13 Aug 2016

We had met the Condo Developer this morning together with Wee Kwang to go through the defect list. Very glad to have engaged Absolute Inspection to do this. The 1st inspection by WK’s team pointed out many many defects that we would never have discovered ourselves. The team was very detail in their “hunt”! Wee Kwang himself is absolute knowledgeable and went through the inspection with the developer, and represented us well in getting those defects to be corrected. After the inspection, he also took the time to provide valuable advises to how we can overcome some of the renovation challenges that we would face. The 3 visits by Absolute Inspection is well-worth and we strongly recommend the service.

Han Heng Siew

30 Jul 2016

very good and efficient service. Wayne even went out of the way to deliver the keys to my workplace. highly recommended !

Valencia Chan

31 Aug 2016

Excellent job. Strongly recommended to all BTO and condo new owners. Great after sales service! Professional.

Ivan Sim

23 Aug 2016

James, thank you for your good service and professionalism.

Kelvin Ng

8 Sep 2016

Absolutely amazing. Mr Wee Kwang and his team did a great job with their service. Left my unit in their hands and they delivered. Prompt reply, very accommodating, detailed and i got nothing but just good reviews about them. Highly recommended with no worries..

Hafiz Raffeei

17 Jul 2016

I engaged the service of Absolute Inspection for the defect check of my new BTO flat. James did the inspection of my house. He was very meticulous and carried out his job independently. I would highly recommend their service. Thumb up and keep up the good work.

Lillian Elsie Chiang

8 Sep 2016

Extremely pleasant experience; Was contemplating on whether to note defects ourselves, but seeing it was our first home & we do not have much knowledge in that area, we decided to go with Wee Kwang after hearing good reviews~ Wayne was meticulous & very patient; Did a great job, gave advice & spotted many defects that were not obvious to an untrained eye We’re very happy with our decision to engage them!.

Wendy Yong Li Min

26 Jul 2016

Wee Kwang and team were very professional, with excellent communication and techinal know how. I will definitely recommend them to my friends. Thank you Absolute Inspection

Casey Kwan

8 Sep 16

Wee Kwang is a very thoughtful and pleasant person to work with, and he and his team did an ABSOLUTELY wonderful job on the inspection of our home… They are extremely thorough in looking out for all the defects, and you can definitely trust the inspection of your home to them. It’s been such a pleasure! Thanks so much Wee Kwang!

Calin Wong

6 May 2016

Great job by wee kwang and kenneth!!

Ng Wee Hock

31 Aug 2016

Wayne did an excellent job checking the place. He was detail oriented and took very neat and copious notes. We would definitely recommend absolute inspection to others! :):) we can’t wait for our defects to be fixed and to see the final house!!!

Claire Lim Siok Woon

22 Aug 2016

Wayne was assigned to check the defects in my house and he did an excellent job. He was really meticulous and patient in explaining the various defects that he found.

Dismas Widita

18 Aug 2016

Kenneth did a great job doing a detailed inspection, very Glad that I have engaged their services. Highly recommended!

Hwee Lee

1 Sep 16

Thank you ☺️ to Wayne and James for helping out with checking of defects in my hse. They are very meticulous and experience, checking through every little corner of my hse. They have also provided detailed explanation to me when I am in doubt. � ��

Sharon Ng

7 Sep 2016

I had engaged their services and found them really meticulous and detailed (Kenneth and Wee Kwang) in their services. They had even highlighted some defects that I’m ‘blinded’ to. All in all they identified 400-500 defects for me(seriously, I lost count of them!). Hope this helps whoever is interested!!

ChoonFu Wong

29 Aug 2016

Hassle and stress free! Excellent service by Wee Kwang and James. Ended 2nd round inspection with Wee Kwang. A very friendly and helpful guy. No regret to have them, they are really detail. Once again, thank you guys!

Angela Miya

20 Aug 2016

Thank you Wee Kwang and team for the wonderful service! Wayne and James are very friendly, detailed and patient in explaining the defects to me! Never expect that defects could be this many. Will definitely recommended this service to my friends! 🙂

Regina Lim

13 Jul 2016

Initially my fiancé and I were deliberating whether to engage a third party to check our defects for our new place. I am so glad we did! Both Wee Kwang and Wayne are very professional and highly responsive too. Wee Kwang went the extra mile to offer me advice as I asked him for his opinion on other non related defects questions like appliances. Wayne took the time to walk me through and explain to me the respective defects. Very patient and not once did I feel that he was rushing through at all. Highly recommended and I would strongly recommend to leave these defects inspection to the experts.

Piao Lee

25 Aug 2016

I was a little hesitant at first about hiring a professional to handle my defects rectifications and wondered if it will be money well spent. But after meeting Wee Kwang and seeing how he handled the inspection, I realised the importance of relying on professionals who know what sort of defects to look out for and could communicate effectively with the developer’s main contractors. Despite his busy schedule, Wee Kwang was very responsive to our requests and it was easy to book an appointment with him for joint inspections with the developer. I strongly recommend home owners to engage Absolute Inspection and be rest assured they will do a fantastic job! Thank you Wee Kwang! 🙂

Yvonne Koh

24 Jul 2016

Very impressed with Wee Kwang’s team (Wayne and Kenneth)! They did such a thorough and meticulous job even when I have opt for their express evening service. I would recommend them to anyone who wants a hassle-free experience in getting their defects rectified. Money well spend..

Steven Lim

12 Jul 2016

I have engaged Wee Kwang’s team after hearing lots of good reviews on them. Wayne is the one assigned to conduct the defect inspection for our unit. Having checked more than 50 units in our EC alone, he has became experienced, knowing what are the common defects faced by his Topiary client. He is very detailed with his checks, found defects in the surfaces and corners which we’ve never thought of. After reviewed, he went through his findings with us. Not only did he detailed down all the defects on the official inspection form in words, he wrote them down on with such nice fonts that made us suspected he typed it out. But he didn’t! He really sat down and hand-wrote them. Haha! Overall, we are pleased with his service, we thought our units does not have so many defects, we are proven wrong by him. We have never regretted engaging their service.
Jie Hui Teo

17 Jul 2016

I selected Absolute Inspection after some research. No regret. Wee Kwang and his team (James and Kenneth) did a great job. The team was very meticulous. The inspection was conducted and findings reported in a structured manner. This gave me a peace of mind. Given his experience in the industry, Wee Kwang handled the developer’s rep and contractor very well during the joint inspection. He was firm in safeguarding my interest and yet maintained a cordial note. This facilitated a seamless and fair negotiation. Because of their professionalism and diligence, I totally entrusted the task to the team, saving me a lot of time, effort and hassle, and freeing me from the stress of managing it alone with the developer. I am really glad to have engaged the team. Kudos.
Wen Jie

13 Jul 2016

I’m so glad to have engaged Absolute Inspection. Wee Kwang and Ronald were very thorough in the initial inspection, and looked through every nook and cranny. They spared no efforts and spent hours carefully scrutinizing the house and sticking post-it on things/areas with defects to highlight it to the developer’s contractor. They also took time to explain the defects and potential implications of more serious defects highlighted eg drain trap access. We purchased a showroom unit; it also means more work for Wee Kwang and Ronald as we had a lot of built-in items like cabinets, mirrors, tv console, feature wall, platform bed, solar film, false ceiling etc. They went to the extent of highlighting defects on the standalone bedside tables we got as part of the purchase – these defects were rectified in the end; a bonus for us.

There was also excellent follow through and at the joint inspection Wee Kwang was courteous yet firm and able to communicate well with the person in charge of rectifying the defects. This helped a lot in getting the defects corrected and in getting things done for us. Moreover, Wee Kwang has been very helpful with questions we have even after we’ve concluded the inspections and rectifications. He has a warm personality and is extremely helpful. I definitely would encourage all new/soon-to-be home owners to engage an inspection specialist. It makes the defects inspection process a lot less painful/dreadful and leaves you with a peace of mind. Do engage Absolute Inspection – the value provided is well above what you pay for the service.
Daphne Ho

19 Jun 2016

. Kudos to Wee Kwang and team. We highly recommend Absolute Inspection for their professionalism, thoroughness, extensive knowledge on BCA guidelines, patience in explaining these guidelines, flexibility in coping with my ever-changing schedule, and willingness to follow through until all my defects were closed. This gave us much needed peace of mind during the defects rectification process. We learnt about Absolute Inspection through word-of-mouth, and engaged them to save us some time in checking defects.

On hindsight, Absolute Inspection’s value add goes way beyond the time savings. Wee Kwang and Kenneth not only combed through our house very thoroughly during the initial inspection and assisted in lodging all the defects, but also briefed us on the key defect areas to facilitate our follow-up with the developer. We would certainly not have been able to find several of these defects ourselves, for example plumbing issues (improper pipe placement within floor trap, potential chokage at balcony), hollow wall tiles, cupboard stopper misalignment, and how the workers sawed off part of my yard door lock due to fitment issues. Wee Kwang further went out of his way to join us for our closing inspections and in liaising with the developer until our defects were closed. Thanks once again!
Harold Au

29 May 2016

Got to know about this professional team via friend referral! As a first time home owner, after the initial excitement of key collection, I was really not sure of what possible defects to look out for in the new house I felt assured with Absolute Inspection services as I trust their professionalism in this area. Indeed, after the initial inspection process, I soon realized that areas which I thought were “nothing” were actually “something” which I can report as a defect tobe rectified.

Wee Kwang is also very friendly and shares his experiences freely : ) I’m very impressed by his memory. Despite checking through so many units, he’s able to remember some significant defects and follow up with the defects team though all the colourful stickers had been removed! And I really appreciate his effort of taking the extra step to talk to the Defects team, to have them to speed up the rectification process as my renovation works was delayed. If you are still not sure whether or not to hire their service, hope this review helps. Thanks again to Absolute Inspection!
Peishi Li Janet

24 Apr 2016

Hi I would like to say that the team at Absolute Inspection is very professional and prompt in their services, especially Wee Kwang. The team has managed to help me do a thorough, efficient and detailed inspection of my new EC unit. Thanks to Wee Kwang’s experience in so many other EC inspection, he is able to provide a balanced view on what are real defects and which are not. He was present during the joint inspection and due to his prior experiences, he certainly helped present a robust and creditable case to the developer representative for each defect.

Even when I texted them with new defects I found on a weekend, they will respond promptly to provide advise whether these are really defects or not (based on industry standards). I would highly recommend their services to those with new housing units and who are not familiar with the process and standards of defects inspection.
Paul Lim

5 Apr 2016

Hi All, First of all, I would like to say I’m not one who likes to write reviews. Even there are incentives (such as on Qoo10), I can’t usually be bothered about such things. However, I must say that WeeKwang and his team truly lives up to the standard of excellent service, to the extent that I had to write about it. (For those who can’t be bothered to read in detail, I guess you can skip to the last two paragraphs!)

I had first messaged WeeKwang about his services on a public holiday. Being fairly busy, I had expected him to reply on a working day, but just wanted to get it out of my hands. To my surprise, he had replied within half an hour. As I was initially hesitant on spending the money to get someone to do the checking, I told him I’d think about it. Subsequently, I tried to read online on how to check the flat for defects, but nothing could prepare me for what was to come. I went to my new flat and attempted to check, but quickly gave up within half an hour. This is my first flat and I had no idea what to look out for. With my marble, masking tape and pen, I had demarcated out the faulty parquet on the floor. I had also looked around the place but could not spot anything wrong with the flat. I then promptly left and decided to engage their services. WeeKwang was very helpful and immediately advised his next available slot. During the inspection, he had also helped to write down the list of defects which I then brought to the Building Services Centre (“BSC”) to get rectified. The level of detail that the team went into was to the extent where the BSC had needed to do a joint inspection to go through the defect listing The project manager had also through his experience, guessed that the inspection work wasn’t done by myself nor my renovation contractor. (WeeKwang has some related prior experience in this area) As some would understand, my BSC then gave proceeded to give me some issues (and delays), but these were met with very helpful and prompt advice from him. Now, as I wait for the final round of defects to be cleared, I can be certain that the place has been checked thoroughly! While I was initially hesitant about engaging the services of an “inspector” per se, I must say that the money is well spent and I will not think twice about it should the need arise again. With the above all said, a big thank you to Wee Kwang and his team! To everyone who is considering and reconsidering getting their help, you will not regret your decision to go ahead. Cheers!
Justin Lim You Zong

13 Jan 2015

Absolutely pleased with the services provided by Absolute Inspection. Initially I was hesitant if there is a need to engage professional help for my 1 bedder given that its a small unit and at first look, it seems ok. However I decided to just go ahead for the sake if peace of mind given that its my first home. Am sooooo glad I did. I found 9 defects but Wee Kwang, Kenneth and Wayne found about 100. They also took the pain to explain to me how they detected the defect and why its deemed as a defects. I realised I missed out so many defects. The followup is great as Wee Kwang accompanied me to talk to the developer team during the joint inspection. It would have been a pain if I am to have done this alone. Even more special mention on their great service as they specially squeeze out a slot for me with both Kenneth and Wayne coming back on their off day to help out. Thanks Wee Kwang, Kenneth and Wayne.

Julica Sjl

20 Jun 2016

If you are thinking whether engaging such services is necessary, It was definitely money well spent with no regrets. Before engaging wee kwang, we went through few rounds of inspection (briefly). Eventually we got tired and decided to engage wee kwang thinking that we may have missed out those that were not visible to us. He’s professional, friendly, flexible, willing to give in and squeeze his time despite his busy schedule, and more importantly, they are able to pick up defects which we would not have paid attention to.

He also respond to our queries promptly and advise us accordingly even up till today, where his 3rd inspection has already past due. Strongly recommend his services and professionalism in getting a piece of mind for your new home.
Eugene Ang Wen Hao

30 May 2016

Got to know Wee Kwang through my bro-in-law and cousin. Wasn’t too keen at first as I thought that I could get it checked myself, but my wife insisted and we couldn’t have made a better decision. Wee Kwang was very thorough with the inspection and we were amazed at his eye for detail and diligence when it came to the inspection. We probably wouldn’t have discovered even 5% of the things that he found. Overall, we had a really good experience with Wee Kwang. He was friendly,helpful, and easy to talk to. He was also very accommodating of our schedules when we had to change the appointment around and replied very quickly to any of our queries. He even went out of his way after the inspection to drop us off at a more convenient place for us to get a cab home.

I would definitely recommend getting Absolute Inspection to all who are getting their new house as it’ll give you the peace of mind knowing that someone’s keeping an eye out for defects that you’re probably going to miss!
Timothy Eu

11 May 2016

The team at Absolute Inspection have gone the extra mile to ensure that our house is in tiptop condition and free from defects! The team is highly professional, and very friendly and easy to work with as well. There were so many defects that we would have missed had we done it ourselves. Not only are they thorough in what they do, their experience in this area lets them know what to look out for, allowing them to spot defects we would otherwise not have noticed. Getting Absolute Inspection to go over your new place with a fine-toothed comb is highly recommended!! ang!

Jack Seet

6 May 2016

Wee Kwang, Kim and James were very thorough and meticulous in ensuring that the slightest defect in every nook and cranny of my house is surfaced. Being first time home- owners, their aid helped make the whole process a smooth and relaxing one. Additionally, they provided us with sound and valuable advice, as well as useful and interesting information which helped enlighten us on the technical and practical aspects behind defects and rectification works. They were also very prompt in their responses and always tried their best to accomodate our schedules. All in all, it was a pleasant experience. Thank you Wee Kwang, Kim and James for the hard work! smile emoticon

Vania Yip

23 Mar 2016

Thanks to wee Kwang and Wayne, absolute inspection did a great job at the current stage I am in. Definitely recommended to everyone who just collected their homes and want a peace of mind to help identify defects and work with ur contractor assigned for the job.

Ian-louis Tan

20 May 16

The team at Absolute Inspection did impeccable work for us. Their team led by Wee Kwang was detail oriented citing some of the more obscure defects after our unit’s handover from the developer. Aside from the technical skills of the craft, Wee Kwang and the team are great at teaming with his clients and advocating for high standards with the developers. As one can imagine, the relationships during inspection could get contentious however Wee Kwang was able to remain calm and professional while managing expectations and the give and take that inevitably comes with the job.

The lasting image I’ll have of Absolute Inspection’s team is when they worked into the wee hours on their hands and knees with torch lights scrutinizing every detail of our new home. Also, Wee Kwang went above and beyond in accommodating our timing as scheduling appointments with the developers and between me and my wife’s full-time jobs can get tricky. We were especially appreciative of the know-how when I asked for Wee Kwang to cross-check the approach the developers would take in properly rectifying defects. Highly recommend Absolute Inspection as everything identified has been properly rectified and in-time thanks to the team’s help.
Garland M Wong

16 Feb 2016

Thank you Wee Kwang & team for a thorough and meticulous job done for our EC today. Many defects that may be missed by our untrained eyes were surfaced during the inspection. Highly recommend their service.

Cynthia Lee

13 Jun 2016

The Absolute Inspection team did a fantastic check on my new flat! Chris, Wee Kwang’s associate did the majority of the checks and made meticulous notes of the defects in the flat. Even the slightest dents, stains and poor paint work in various areas were highlighted. Both he and Wee Kwang were very professional and communicated well with us. #punggolcascadia #punggolwaterway #bto #waterwaycascadia

Wendy Phang

26 Feb 2016

Very dedicated inspector helping on my defects check. Came to my place and settle with the defects team more then 4 times for me so I don’t have to waste my own time. recommended!

Adren Lim

19 Feb 2016

Thanks to Wee Kwang and team for checking the defects and letting me know the best practices which saved me a lot of time and effort in my defect checking! Really appreciate the advice and time taken to explain the defects to let me better understand what I need rectification on! =)

Huang Renzhi

22 Apr 2016

This is my honest feedback after engaging Absolute Inspection’s services.

  1. Their team is friendly, professional and knows their stuff well.
  2. Wee Kwang is understanding, think in the shoes of owners and goes out of his way to accommodate owners’ timing and request. He even works in the night and during public holidays as well. We were going through the defect list on 1st Jan 2016 in my flat.
  3. Wee Kwang is patient and spent some time with us going through the long defect list.
  4. Wee Kwang is humble and willing to share his knowledge with us.
  5. Their inspection work is very detailed to the very small things that owners may generally miss out.

In summary Absolute Inspection meets and exceeds all the expectations that I am looking for in an inspection service and I highly strongly recommend engaging their services. Thanks bro !

Tan Kok Wei

15 Jan 2016

Worth every cent spent. Wee Kwang and his team were very professional and throrough. We would have missed many defects should we check the house ourselves. Strongly encourage all new owners to engage abosolute inspection. It relieves new owners a lot of hassle.

S Ching Ching

13 Jan 2016

Wee Kwang and team are professional and timely. My husband and I were able to have a peace of mind knowing that both major and minor defects were being spotted, recorded and the necessary rectifications being done by BSC. Wee Kwang also responded quickly and went beyond the ‘regular’ call of duty to deliver excellent service. Money well-spent and I will definitely recommend to family and friends getting property.

Miruna Ranjan

11 Jan 2016

Same case here… I was pretty skeptical on engaging such service to check on my new house. Myself and hubby had done our first round and had about 100pcs post it stickers for the entire house… On the very night, after reading some reviews from others who had engaged Wee Kwang and team, I had discussed with my Hb and we decided to make our lives easier by engaging a professional to oversee this defect task.. Wee Kwang is extremely responsive with his reply. I sent my firstemail at 10pm and I recieved his sms at 10.30pm. Had also exchanged several sms till late 12midnight!!

On the day of 1st inspection, he brought all his lamps along and he was prepared to work till late. He insisted on going barefooted though the house was quite dusty as he mentioned that he need to ‘feel’ the floor. Also, he wore his knee guards and went around the house high and low to search for defects. Super hard work and he’s really meticulous in his checks. He had spotted way many defects which myself and hb had missed out, and out of those, I have several major ones.. Imagine I had missed those big defects. since I had already paid so much for my new nest, I wouldn’t mind to spend a small amount to ensure I have a more perfect house before I am going to shift in. At the end of his ‘so-many’ hours of check, he even help to fill up the defect list nicely so that I can just submit to the management office. Totally hassle free! Know what? At the end, he had listed 1000 defects and I submitted a 10 pages of defect list to management! Having said that, we are not that super stingy type that we want to bring up every single defects to the management office.. but all I want is a ‘lesser defects’ and safer house. In the nut shell, I would highly recommend him to those who have gotten your new house.
Summer Toh

18 Oct 2015

I knew my Husband & I were in great trouble when we first got the keys to our very own first home. Being a mixed expat family, we are clueless as to the quality of the house and have no idea what to expect. Almost no home is going to be perfect (even new or recently built). This is where an experienced defects inspector makes a big difference. FINALLY after much research, we found a defects inspector that can hold a conversation without pulling teeth!!! It’s EXTREMELY frustrating when you want to understand a subject you know little to nothing about, therefore, you don’t know what questions to ask or even where to start. I found that to be my situation and Wee Kwang was the answer to my frustration.

On every occasions, I found that he did a great job in finding the flaws. He was thorough, professional, and explained everything to me at length. It was a great education as well as a great inspection. We definitely feel as though we received value for our dollar and that it was worth the investment. The inspection provided a level of comfort for both my Husband and I. He definitely proved himself to be invaluable when he did the full walk through with our house Developer’s contractor who coincidentally could only speak & understand Mandarin, followed by an extremely detailed written report highlighting every issue. I came away feeling like Wee Kwang left no stone unturned. Thanks for such a comprehensive run down of the home inspection & for accommodating us at very short notice. That gesture had saved us lots of lease problem for our temporary rental apartment. Overall, a fantastic experience. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Wee Kwang & his team! Regards The Kimptons
Sazlina N.R

22 Jan 2015

Wee Kwang is a professional inspector who is very knowledgeable, competent and friendly, and provides numerous useful tips and advice. Thankfully with his expertise in home inspection, he identified important items which were previously not noticed, and highlighted these carefully in the defects list. Very detailed and dedicated in checking for defects, communicated well with the developer, and willing to go the extra mile! Thanks Wee Kwang!

Gan Leng

21 Dec 2015

Very professional & thorough doing the inspection at all nooks & corners of our home. Thank you Wee Kwang & guys!!

Catherine Tan

20 Nov 2015

We have Wee Kwang and his team to come and check for our new house, and we got to say we are super pleased with their service. They are not only very detailed in their work, but also a great excellence of willing to do the extra mile and also a great spirit of friendliness, makes us feel very comfortable and rest assured that our house will be okay. Thumbs up for everything that you have done! And thank you for the excellent job you done in checking!

Eunice Lim

3 Nov 2015

I have engaged Wee Kwang to check for defects at my newly TOP 2br-condo last weekend and I am impressed and very satisfied with the service provided. Wee Kwang is very willing to share his expert knowledge and meticulously check every nook and corner of my condo. The entire process took him and his assistant 4-5 hours. At the end of the inspection, Wee Kwang patiently explained each defect they found to me, while filling up 8 pages of defect listing for the developer. Moreover, as I was not able to take time off from work, he rearranged his busy schedule to handle the joint inspection (with the developer) on my behalf. Thank you so much, Wee Kwang, for doing a fantastic job! Super Like!!!

Ivy Tan

22 Oct 2015

Wee Kwang is very professional and also helpful in my HB Defects Inspection. He came to help me in the middle of the night, right after attending a wedding dinner. I would highly recommend him and his team for your defects inspection.

Winne Chung

20 Dec 2015

EXCELLENT SERVICE RENDERED by Mr Tan and his team! My family and I are very grateful for how seriously they took to inspecting every single corner of the house. I have heard of what other surveyors do but Mr Tan and team really went way beyond the norm. They checked so carefully and highlighted critical defects that I will not be able to highlight. More importantly, he offered good professional advice and went beyond his call of duty to negotiate with the builder to ensure I have a beautifully touched up home! THANK YOU! John Yeo

JW Yeo

18 Nov 2015

Wee Kwang is a very hardworking and sincere person whom you can rely on him to have all the defects identified and rectified. Glad that I chose him and I hope more people will engage his service. As you will not regret it!
Sandy Toh

24 Oct 2015

We have Wee Kwang and his team to come and check for our new house, and we got to say we are super pleased with their service. They are not only very detailed in their work, but also a great excellence of willing to do the extra mile and also a great spirit of friendliness, makes us feel very comfortable and rest assured that our house will be okay. Thumbs up for everything that you have done! And thank you for the excellent job you done in checking!

Deborah Tan

9 Oct 2015

As a first-time home-owner, checking for defects seemed like an exciting thing. But after spending 9hours over 2 days completing only 60% of the checks, it didnt seem that fun anymore. Thankfully for WeeKwang and his team, they made what appeared to be a very tiring process disappear very quickly. Efficiently methological, they spotted defects in hidden areas and even spots under our noses where we overlooked. Not forgetting WeeKwang’s dedication to his work, he was very responsive to our last minute request and even worked late through the night just so we can submit our list over the next day. His service is definitely money well-spent!

Merrylyn Yeo

10 Dec 2015

I’m very impressed with WeeKwang and his team’s professionalism. Due to a very packed schedule on his side, he still managed to slot me in for an inspection at 10pm on a week day. Our agreement was to check on major items only for a 2 hours job. However, he went the extra mile to do a very detailed check for my 123sqm place. They started the inspection at 10pm and ended it at 3am. A total of 5 hours instead of the initially agreed 2 hours, that is the 3rd session of their day. They were deadbeat but yet they still checked with very much details. They have spotted a lot of defects that me and my spouse had failed to check. It was money well spent and very worthwhile. Thank you WK for your effort.

Angela Chua

12 Nov 2015

Singapore Trusted Home Defects Inspector… Yes indeed… Highly recommended. Wee Kwang, who is the Chief inspector and his fully dedicated team are extremely professional, friendly, experience, patient etc… His services are definitely worth it, the defects checking are so thorough and detailed. After writing down all the defects that they have checked, he will go thru one by one and explain to you what are the defects and how serious are the defects… Really appreciate Wee Kwang and his team… No regrets for engaging them but maybe will regrets if you don’t or never engage them… Highly recommended and will save yourselves huge headaches … Thanks Absolute Inspection

Albert Ng GK

22 Oct 2015

I just had my home inspected by Wee Kwang and I must say, I am very impress with his service. Initially, my hubby and Iattempted to inspect the house for defects on our own as we were skeptical of such service. I mean, how difficult could it be since a number of my friends inspected their own home? We did try. It was a very long and tedious process, not to mention the heat and dust that comes with it so we gave up in the end and engaged Wee Kwang when a fellow Brookie recommended him. It was fantastic! My cousin said should have done this right from the start. when she came over to see our flat. The amount of flaws spotted was insane and we couldn’t have see them with naked eyes. The whole checking was smooth and stress-free. Defects are colour-coded with post-its. He even explained to us patiently why rectification is required for certain issues and help us consolidated them into the list. He was with us to meet up with the BSC peeps and inform them what was required. Then came the 2nd handover, he was there to oversea and followup with the necessary too. It really makes our life easier and time saving since they speak the same language (construction terminology). Therefore, I highly recommend all new owners to really consider such services if pocket permits… S$350 is really a real steal! I rather to cutback on buying some items now and to have a safe home than to have nightmare in rectifying defects in future.


27 Sep 2015

Wee Kuang and partner have been very professional in the work of defect checking, compiling the defects and following up on the rectification with developer. Absolutely assuring especially since the quality of the finishing at TOP was bad. cost is not high at all.

Roland Ho

3 Oct 2015

Excellent service – Wee Kwang, our inspector, was extremely professional and courteous, patiently explaining the checking process and any questions we had. His services are definitely worth it, as he has the know how to catch things that normal homeowners (especially first timers) will not be able to in the defect checking process. He also went above and beyond to make sure everything was done right and all aspects were covered. Overall it was definitely money well spent, and I highly recommend their services to fellow new homeowners – it will save yourselves huge headaches!

Shawn Yap

Aug 2015

Thank you Wee Kwang. You are simply fantastic. Thank you for putting so much effort in my unit. I appreciate.

Jean Lim

17 Sep 2015

Highly recommended professional inspection service from Wee Kwang. He & his team have put in a lot of effort to uncover the defects in our new unit. Thank you for yr effort. Kudos!

Jimmy Chew

6 Sep 2015

Just ended inspection by Wee Kwang earlier. Highly recommended, very friendly guy. Glad to be recommended to us by our good friend. Glad to have him help us inspect the defects if not we would not have notice the minor & major we have for our 1st flat. Once again strongly recommended.

Gyendaline Yeo

Aug 2015

Wee kwang has helped us inspect our house and provided us with many good suggestions with his experience in the industry! He is detail, friendly and highly professional! 🙂

Gan Yi Fan

Aug 2015

Great service and even better follow up! The company name says it all!!

Shamus Swee

7 Sep 2015

Wee Kwang and his team are a dedicated bunch and we are very glad to have employed the service for house inspection. Wee Kwang is extremely detailed in the inspection, but over and beyond, we truly value his expertise in being able to communicate with the various teams (sub contractors, developer reps,etc) and helping us to ensure that the defects are properly rectified. We would definitely recommend Wee Kwang to all house owners who have to grapple with house defects inspection for a hassle free experience!

Christine Liu

5 Sep 2015

Very professional and Excellent service,fully recommended. thanks

Alan Tan

30 Aug 2015


Reg Chua

Aug 2015

Wee Kwang did a very good job in the inspection of our unit and offered professional advices based on his experience as an ex-BCA officer.

Wai Wai Wai

30 Aug 2015

Friendly and reliable service provided by Wee Kwang. Go through every single defects and explained clearly what needs to be done. Thumbs up!

Sammi Xu

22 Aug 2015

Great job done. Professional services from knowledgeable inspector from ex-BCA. Explained every question asked in details and handle the developer well. A good investment for first time home owners to do all defect checks. Save all the time and hassle to climb up and down plus knocking every tiles.

Danny Choo

Aug 2015

I’m quite pleased with Wee Kwang’s work. Save me a lot of hassle and stress of checking my unit. I also find his past experience with BCA helpful, in terms of explaining the various defects. His defect report to my developer was extremely detail with proper terminologies which made the joint inspection very effective. There was smooth communication throughout which i’ll probably have difficulties conveying. Overall, it was money well invested.

Lee Hong Choy

3 Sep 2015