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Defects Inspection – Absolute Inspections (Blog review by Jahbella)

We touched base with Absolute Inspection a few months before receiving our keys and moved our tentative date a few times when our keys were delayed. Wee Kwang from Absolute Inspection was very accommodating, helpful and always responsive. This gave us a lot of comfort because we were already very stressed out by the delay of keys and the last thing we wanted was to be further delayed by a late inspection date.

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The Making of #mmlittle家 – Absolute Inspection (Blog review by A Million Little Echoes)

They call themselves The Trusted Defect Check Team and I couldn’t agree more. Not just because we are collaborating on this together but I really wouldn’t be able to spot so many crucial defects that needed rectification if I were to do this on my own. Sure. I would turn the tap on in the toilets to check if it runs and stops as it should. However, I wouldn’t put the stopper in place to check if it really does stop the water from seeping through. The professionals at Absolute Inspection took no shortcuts and had that checked as well.

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Absolute Inspection – Awesome Defects Checking Company in Singapore (Blog review by EatandTravelwithus)

After waiting for a few years, we had finally gotten the keys to our five room BTO! Raevian and I were really excited to embark on this new phase of our lives. However, we knew that there were still plenty of work to be done for our new house. The first important task was to check for defects. Luckily, we came across Absolute Inspection, a Singapore company that specializes in defects checking for new homes. We decided to engage its services and this turned out to be one of our best decisions.

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We spent hundreds of thousand, if not millions, owning a house, how could we simply move in with just our eyeball checks, without even seeking professional’s help in inspecting our house?

Building defects and renovation defects do not just happened to mass market housing, even luxury condos like Seaview is not spared. Building a new building involves many parties, it is so easy to push responsibilities here and there. It is thus, important to engage a professional inspection of the T.O.P unit before you start renovation and even moving in.

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Defects checking at a new BTO (Blog review by

We’re quite glad to have not scrimped and saved on a defects checker. Wee Kwang and team spotted over 600 defects! If Skai and I were to do it ourselves, we would have taken over 2 weekends and might have lost patience plenty of times. We grouped the defects and only filed 72 out of the 600 defects spotted. We decided to ignore stuff paint jobs etc.

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HDB BTO Singapore: Defects Checking (Blog review by Estella)

We purchased premium flats from HDB but the contractor that built our estate did a pretty bad job for many of the units. I know of people who rather accept all defects existing, then have their contractor do up whatever necessary in order not to delay the renovation process but personally, eye glaring defects are not something I would accept.

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A Quick Guide For Prospective Home Buyers (Search Guide – July 2018)


“More Home Owners Hiring Experts To Check For Defects In Their New Homes” – Interview with Tan Wee Kwang by Shin Min

Building a solid career

Looking back, I must say that I find my work extremely rewarding because I was able to contribute to the betterment of the industry and the built environment in many different ways. – Tan Wee Kwang.

How to Check Your New Home for Defects

Inspecting defects in your new home can be a challenge, especially for us inexperienced homeowners. Despite our inexperience, inspecting for defects is necessary since our homes are probably the largest investments we will make in our lifetime.

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Building The City’s Future (The Straits Time Scholar’s Choice III)

“House Detectives” – Interview with Tan Wee Kwang by The New Paper

Building the future

Most people would be put off by the three “Ds” of the building and construction industry – “dirty”, “dangerous” and “demanding” – but not Tan Wee Kwang.

Demand up for home defects inspectors (Straits Times Article)


How to Check Your New Home for Defects

Before you embark on renovating your new flat, it is good practice to check your house for defects, and get the developer to rectify them for you. Here’s some tips on how to do a proper defect check.

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