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  1. Defects inspection service is NOT regulated in Singapore. Many companies and laypersons are offering this service without construction background nor experience.
  2. It is critical to ensure that you entrust your property (your most valuable asset) to a company that is technically qualified to inspect your house.



We are the BIGGEST independent defects inspection company in Singapore, with more than 250 inspections a month (both locally and overseas).


We are the ONLY defects inspection company in Singapore that is run by former BCA management personnel and has former BCA officers in our inspection team. We therefore possess the best technical expertise to inspect your house.


We are the ONLY defects inspection company in Singapore with in-house engineering expertise to provide professional structural inspections for buildings, plumbing installation & repair works, as well as water-proofing troubleshooting & repair works.

Comprehensive Home Inspection Service

Absolute Inspection conducts comprehensive assessments on your properties, identifying defects and unacceptable workmanship finishes within three specific fields – architecture, mechanical (plumbing) and electrical systems. The home inspection are performed by our inspectors to ensure that the property adheres to quality standards from the industry and the Building and Construction Authority (BCA).


Mechanical (Plumbing)


What Our Clients Say

I would give them six stars if I could. During the entire process of purchasing a condo in Singapore, the Absolute Inspection team was the one team unequivocally on my side at every point.

They were detailed, helpful, timely and professional. Worth every penny of their fee!

Daniel Angelucci

27th September 2017

We were recommended by my sis and bro-in-law to engage Wee Kwang and team to help us conduct the defects check of our new home. Wee Kwang is very responsive to texts, straightforward, polite and was very patient in explaining to me the importance of professional inspection. Even after full payment at the end of the first inspection (there will be 2 more), he remains very detailed in his responses to my queries. This is what I will call excellent aftersale service, and we are very thankful for that.

Due to work commitment, my dad was the one who was briefed by our inspector, Kim, at the end of first round. He told me the money spent is certainly worthwhile, for a major defect (hollow cement in the middle of my living hall) was detected, which would definitely have escaped our noob eyes. As for the rest of the defects detected, I don’t think we would be able to spot even 30% of it.

Thanks Wee Kwang and Kim. Keep up your good work!

Si Min Teo

28th September 2017

I started talking to a few defect-checking companies a few months before collecting my keys. And finally decided to engage Absolute Inspection because Wee Kwang (the boss) was very helpful, gave professional advice and always responsive (unless he’s amid giving a talk or doing inspections with other owners).

Wee Kwang and his team of inspectors are very experienced, efficient and very very thorough and detailed in identifying every single defect. They will pick up major defects that could potentially lead to other problems in the future (e.g. hollow tiles, uneven surface and etc.) down to cosmetic issues such as chips, scratches and stains!

And the way Absolute Inspection compile and document the defect lists make it easy for the Developer’s defect-rectification team to carry out their rectification works and for the owners to follow up. And most important of all, it allows every defect in the house, whether identified or not, to be covered in the defect list.

During the joint inspection with the Developer’s defect-rectification team, Wee Kwang was present to run through the defect lists and talk to the contractor on what to be rectified. This whole process was done in a cordial and professional manner so that the contractor would not try to push it off as difficult or impossible or not a defect.

On hindsight, engaging Wee Kwang and Absolute Inspection was the right choice! The entire defect-checking and rectification process was smooth and I could then focus on planning for my renovation. Absolute Inspection’s services didn’t end after the final inspection. Wee Kwang continues to be very helpful and responsive to any questions that I have asked him.

Phan Seow Kang

2nd August 2017

When we collected the keys to our house, we were very sure we wanted to hire a defects inspection company to help us inspect our house. After all, this is probably the biggest investment in our lives so it makes sense to get someone experienced and technically knowledgeable to do a proper job for us.

Many of the more popular defect inspection companies in the market we spoke to did not impress us or give us the assurance that they were able to do a proper and technically sound inspection for our house. In contrast, Absolute Inspection really stood out in terms of their technical knowledge and experience. The boss, Wee Kwang, was from BCA, the authority which sets quality standards for the construction industry, and he was able to clarify a lot of our doubts with regards to the various workmanship issues and provisions in our house. Even his inspector, Ben, who did the inspection for our house was just as experienced and was able to offer practical advice on how we should treat those workmanship defects found in our house.

I have to admit that Absolute Inspection fee is slightly higher than the other inspection companies. But I would gladly pay the extra $100 for the engineering and construction experience that they offer and the peace of mind knowing that they REALLY know how to inspect and take care of my valuable asset. This is so much better than to do the inspection myself or to go with another inspection company which does not have the same level of expertise as them. Special thanks to Wee Kwang and ben for the detailed and professional inspection because not many companies will have their boss to be at the site to do the inspections and verifications personally.

Absolute Inspection is absolutely value for money and with their construction expertise and advice, we know that we are in safe hands! I will definitely recommend them to anyone who is seeking both quality work and a professional, experienced team. Kudos to the team!

Kong Wenbin

12th June 2017

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